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  1. Yes I have projectors I didn't know you could get genuine ones if I'm honest It's a 2005 325ci face lift coupé
  2. There's so many out there, if anyone has any recommendations for reputable/high quality hids please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Sorted. Ordered bmw ones, then removed my existing ones which were a bitch to get off!
  4. Does anyone know where I can get some replacement chrome tips for my 325ci backbox. Preferably something that just slides straight over and clamps on. Or a part number for the genuine chrome tips. Thanks.
  5. I'm looking into replacing my back box Does the original system need to be cut to fit a back box? I can't see any sleeve joints on my standard exhaust
  6. Looking to get a new backbox for my 325ci. Wondering if anybody has any experience with these two as they are in my price range (£300ish) but i can't decide. Thanks.
  7. Garna

    My 325ci

    Currently thinking about buying some red tint spray and lacquer and doing my rear lights all red. I think it'll suit the car and it's a bit different - plus the leds shine through amber. Also been looking into exhausts I'd like an eisenmann race rear box but can't really justify the price tag on a back box, but it's very tempting.. not sure which root to take as I don't want noisey, maybe just a more grunty high-rev "bark". Possibly custom if i can find a place with a good reputation.
  8. That's lucky I've had all these replaced recently and it's still there
  9. Hi all, I have done some searching and I have come across a lot of people saying they get a clunk when they engage reverse gear or first. My issue isnt when I engage but in reverse, about a second after the car has started to move I get a "donk" sound. I also get the donk very occasionally when changing down from third to second as I'm slowing down. I have changed the guibo/donut and the rear diff mount and it is still the same. To me it does sound like a mount has failed somewhere but I can't tell which one or where, although I do think it's diff related. I took it to an independent bmw garage and they told me it's "just what bmws do" but I'm not convinced. It doesn't seem right. It's too loud and frequent. If I'm honest it's just annoying, it doesn't sound right and I want it sorted. Any help is appreciated, Cheers.
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