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  1. hi all put a aftermarket cd radio in the 2002 330ci convertible the other day cant get medium wave ll other stations work cd and bluetooth could it be the aerial as it worked in my last car
  2. all sorted now up and running great no orrible squeaks and groans
  3. nutrunner


    hi all any merseyside north wales meets coming up before the summers over
  4. can i use hb3 bulbs in m e46 330ci convertible 2002 or does it have to be hb4 like the manual says
  5. hi all went to check the water coolant level in my 2002 new to me 330ci and they was not bob up float in the rad opening is it critical i havnt a clue
  6. hi all took the car in to get a new power steering pump fitted, and got a suprice call later from the garage saying the water pump and pullies needed replacing all knackered glad it was spotted before any real damage was done
  7. nutrunner


    hi all any meets around merseyside & north wales this summer
  8. hi Si your not going to be-leave this but when to muy m8s garage this morning to ask him about the aircon and he open the bonnet and he told me to switch i on and it worked what the chap at halfords did was to press the wrong switch he never tou ched the icicle , went back and did it later no probs amazing every 1 is allowed 1 mistake
  9. went to halfords today for a aircon charge chap tried but no , go then i noticed it didnt engage so any ideas on what it could be or is it a new unit thanks in advance for your thiughts
  10. hi all newbie here whats the recommended front and back tyre pressure for 18in wheels
  11. nutrunner

    nutrunner my e46 330ci msport convertible

    our 330ci msport
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