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    2005 E46 330cd
  1. Introduce yourself

    Hello to everyone, not really a forum type person but it seems this one has changed my mind, had some very useful information in the past couple of weeks so i decided to join and do this intro. I am Dave, live in Royston Herts and lucky enough to have a lovely missus and 2 boys. Work in St Albans as maintenance manager at a private school. I am a self confessed petrol head and had a good few interesting cars and bikes of which 3 were/are Bavaria Motor Works flavour. My first was a modified E30 325 touring, then a E46 325ci and now i have a E46 330cd. I like this car alot, does everything i want and more. Done a few bits to it including a remap, work in progress is all i am saying............... P.S. how the hell do you post pics on here, just keeps saying they are too big ???????????
  2. Zone Stickers

    Got my stickers this morning, cheers Sam. I am new to the forum so I shall be posting a newbie intro soon. Thanks again Dave.
  3. Zone Stickers

  4. Zone Stickers

    Hello, ordered some window stickers July 27th, any idea when they might turn up. Thanks.