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  1. Have had to rebuild my door lock twice now as the car will just not pick up a signel from any fobs Is easy to rebuild just make sure you pack it with grease
  2. I have got my one now and going to fit it soon Is there any ring gaskets i need to get hold of?
  3. My 320d had hot start problem turnd out to be an injector
  4. Had to rebild the door lock again kit was crap had to sand bits down to make it fit
  5. Thanks for the update Will get my mate to fit my one he did the turbo last year so knows what hes in for lol
  6. It should just all come apart once the big nut is taken off I did have one that had weld itself to the boot poper and the screen did shater when trying to get it off
  7. Thanks i will get one of them for now 👍
  8. Hi guys The flex bit has split on ny downpipe What decat is a good replacement for it Thanks
  9. ***** I know all about windows being done in
  10. Can you not run both or is it to much work getting them to run
  11. Number 4 injector was leeking all sorted and running now
  12. Just strange it starts ok from cold then not after even if i only move a car lenth and turn it off Not had codes do e yet just going tp bppk it in and get it sorted can see thia costing me an arm and leg 😭
  13. Hi guys my 320d would not start today I found some easy start and that did the job I will get codes read on monday Untill then any ideas what it could be Thanks
  14. Hi guys Are the caliper pistons wind in have to do pads soon Thanks
  15. Markxr

    Santa Pod

    I will see in the morning if its nice i will go
  16. Yes it wont last long as its not ment to be used all the time good old bmw for thinking the remot will last the life of the car lol If you are close go to http://www.bmkeys.com he can repair yours or just get a new one
  17. Loads of videos on youtube on how to fix it aswell easy to do
  18. Ebay for a fix kit i have an extra one at all times and just hope the cars open if it brakes
  19. Got its codes read today will post them up later
  20. I have to do this my one is solid any tips Have seen some on youtube that took hours to free up
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