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  1. I had the low coolant light come up on my dash board, I replaced the sensor in the expansion tank and it hasn't come back on since. But you can put a split pin in between the pins on the plug. I done that for a while and it kept the light off
  2. marc l


    The bora could have been remapped & tuned. And I don't think your auto gearbox helps. But as above, the e46 is a much better car 😀
  3. I have 5/40 in my e46 and have had no problems 😀
  4. Hi my brother had the exact same issue with his 320ci facelift convertible. We swapped loads of things over from my 46 to eliminate the problem but with no luck. In the end he took it into a garage and they changed the heater control valve on the near side front suspension turret. Part was only cheap and it fixed it 😀
  5. Looks very nice I bet you must be proud to own it 😀
  6. I've replaced the one on my coupe because the hazard lights were randomly going off. Anyway I can't help with part numbers but I bought a pattern part off the bay and using it is horrible. I have to press the button down so hard to switch on/off. I'll be replacing it with a genuine one
  7. I'd recommend Quary Motors, they're in Sheffield if that's local. I've never used them for work before but me and friends have bought spares off them and the service is great
  8. I can understand that Daz I do think they look a bit chavy at times. Id be happy with a 320i but apparently they are fitted with a 2.0 litre engine that's problematic. Similar to the later 318 e46 models with the n42 2.0.
  9. The early 325's have a 2.5 engine the later ones (08 onwards I think) have a 3.0 engine. Im thinking e93 325 convertible for my next car. Are you looking for a SE or an M Sport? The M Sports are fetching strong money. The autovogues are beautiful
  10. I'd be interested to know more about this too cos mine is scratched. I don't really want to paint it like most do
  11. I'd expect wishbone bushes to be worn as well. Not difficult to change really
  12. I'm in East Dulwich by Crystal Palace sorry for the late reply, I didn't see a reply. Are you local?
  13. I've retrofitted xenon headlights to my e46 coupe and I now have the "light out" error on my dashboard. Ive been using load capacitors in the circuit for some time but now they're starting to fail. Does anyone know how to code my car to accept xenon headlights? I'm in SE London and there aren't many BMW specialist local to me Anyone in London willing to help me out? Beer/Cash waiting
  14. I would like to get mine looked at. Where is he based and how much was the repair if you don't mind me asking ?
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