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  1. To increase power beyond this you will need a hybrid turbo, a larger front mount inter cooler and possibly 535d injectors with rocket cover, or refurb yours
  2. Yes great car I’ve had mine for last 5 years still going strong but have had to spend a fair amount on maintenance as any car of this era. - replaced turbo as a precaution - refurbed injectors - egr clean / bypass - swirl flap removal; also removed actuator motor at back of manifold. New gaskets - coolant system refresh (radiator, water pump, both thermostats, expansion tank + cap) - crank pulley - propshaft bearing and guibo - all suspension bushes and control arms, front & rear - upper & lower ball joints - new drop links - diff bushes - subframe mounts reinforced and welded - new shock absorbers all round with top mounts and bump stops. - new brakes all round
  3. Low coolant warning could be due to a cracked expansion tank / failed expansion cap allowing coolant to escape. Naturally check all coolant pipes too, water pump etc. oil mixing with coolant could also be due to a failed oil filter housing gasket.
  4. Could be thermostat or water pump issue
  5. This is normal behaviour according to research I have found on the net. the pulsating is due to energy being drawn from the engine for the auxiliary heater. Once the car gets up to temperature sufficiently (usually within 10-15mins) you will find that it stops. Also if you keep the temperature control at 16deg when the engine is cold the revs stop pulsing. mine’s being doing it for the last 5 years. Took me ages to find out it’s normal behaviour.
  6. Hi mate Your rumble will either be your dual mass flywheel or your rear axles having too much torque going through them at lower rpms. Best to feed in the power until above 3000 rpm when in higher gears before giving full throttle. If you continue booting it at the same rate something will go bang so best to feed in the power until at safe rpms. ideally a rolling road tune would help set safe limits in the mapping but if you’re sticking with your current map I would advise the above
  7. The expansion tanks are a known weak spot and usually require changing every couple of years. Worth pressure testing to establish where the leak is coming from.
  8. Whereabouts are you based? Give GBWTuning a shout in north wales if you’re after a good remap. Glen is a sound fella who I have used many times to map my cars.
  9. Hi Matt, did you fit this and how does it sound?
  10. Good man! The only thing I would say in regards to gearbox oil is that I changed it initially last year and whilst the feeling did slightly improve a stickiness and stiff gear chance returned about 8 months after (recommended Bmw spec). Searched the US forums and see redtline mtl (for manual boxes not atf) is highly rated. Since putting this in mine it’s made a night & day difference I’m sure yours will still feel good with fresh oil in
  11. Along with the flex disc/guibo and centre bearing I can also recommend putting fresh gearbox oil in. I used Redline MTL gearbox oil and shifts are a lot smoother. You’ll need two 1litre bottles to refill the box.
  12. Likely to be your DMF that's rumbling. Best off easing the throttle in below 3000rpm if you don't want to cause major rumbling in 5th/6th gear.
  13. Yep I'm happy with that. Looks great! Need to get some for my touring.
  14. Had my rtabs and balljoints replaced this week as well as new rear arms. Ended up costing more than expected but car drives straight as a die. Then had an oil service today, as well as new gearbox oil and diff oil. Gear shift is now silky smooth. Running nice and sweet! But wallet has taken a battering 😂
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