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  1. Hi guys, I can open all the windows on my 330ci coupe with the key fob by holding the unlock button, but when I go to shut them all by holding the lock button only the front windows wind up leaving the rear electric pop out windows open. I experimented and discovered that when I turn my key in the door to do the same function they go back in like they're supposed to. Is it a coding error? or something different. Thanks all!
  2. HI pal! I've had my 330ci for just over a year and a half. Cost me 4.5k @ 77k miles. Biggest cost so far has been rust repair on the rear arches which came to around £800 for cutting and welding and paint. Other things have been coils on the rear and a shock but that's expected for this age, no running issues at all just parts that wear with age which don't cost the world even for OEM. MPG on a motorway run can be a good 29-33 but town driving I average 23 (i cry) Hope this helps!
  3. Hi all! I own a 03 330ci and have had a lot of noise coming from the back driverside wheel. I've had the brake calliper changed on that side recently but the garage reckons the noise is coming from the handbrake shoe. Am I right in thinking the handbrake is a drum? So I went and bought a backplate kit with the handbrake shoes and all the pins and they had a go but didn't have a tool to take the hub bearings off. Is this going to be real costly? My handbrake was really bad last winter and I had somebody strip it all and replace the pads and it worked a dream and now it feels like it going back to old ways, maybe a pin from the backplate has fallen in the drum and caused damage? If anyone's had similar issues it'd be great to get an insight! Cheers!
  4. Hi Dan! A little late to this thread but lovely car! Just wondered what glue you used on the door surrounds because mine have gone too sadly Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the offer but I think I'll go for new. Have you got the eibach PRO-KIT then?
  6. Hi guys! Just been for an MOT in my 330Ci and failed on a leaking shock absorber and corroded coil spring on the offside rear. Now my dilemma is whether to take this opportunity to fit something new as a set or whether to just get it through the test. The garage reckons non genuine is best because they're ridiculous prices. Open to ideas on brands and things to have a look at. Cheers!
  7. Yeah great colour combo with the interior on that steering wheel!
  8. might be interested in the rear LED's? Have you still got the smaller lights off the bootlid?
  9. Not wanting them blue really just how they were.
  10. Hi all, Just bought a 2003 330ci and one of the blue bulbs in the rear is out so I fancied doing an LED overhaul on the interior. If anyone could recommend a good and reliable light kit and link me that would be great!
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