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  1. Seeking BMW 325ti

    I hope this is in the correct section of this website! I currently own a 318i compact and i am now looking to upgrade to a 325ti but i am hitting a few barriers. The prices of them seem to vary wildly anywhere from £800 to £3000. Obviously i would like to keep the best one possible for the least capital but don't we all. I am just wondering what people think is a decent price for a 325ti sport in todays market with less than 100k and in decent condition? Are there any things i should be looking for in particular? I feel like the 318 was a bit of a lemon so i do not want to make that mistake once more. Ideally it would be nice to have a trouble free few years with a car rather than knowing my mechanics number of by heart when i do not even know my own number... http://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-3-series-e46-325ti-sport-6-speed-2003-/1212528654 This is one that is currently near me but the price seems way of compared to others i have seen Any help is appreciated! Thank you
  2. Coolant and oil level & top up

    Cheers Bill, can you just top up with any coolant or is there a special kind that is needed? R2D2, nice name. Why do you suggest changing the oil? Not okay to just top up? Thank you!
  3. Coolant and oil level & top up

  4. Coolant and oil level & top up

    Hi there This is just my 2nd post after buying a 2003 Compact 318TI. The coolant and oil light have been coming on and off for a few days now but only staying on for 30 seconds at a time and not that often. Is this a sign of a faulty sensor or are my levels not right? Do you check coolant level via the expansion tank, yes? If so i have a problem as there is no float in my tank. In this case how much fluid should i check this tank has in it? I will attach a picture of the current level and from that could someone give me an idea of how much i need to add and secondly what should i use to top up? Just standard anti freeze or do i need something else. As for the oil i can tell it is a little low but not overly so but my question is what oil should i use to top up if i do not know what oil is already in it? After typing my registration into a few sites they are all telling me different oil ie 5w40, 5w30 and even differing variants of them. The garage that serviced the car will not answer the phone so i can not check with them what was used previously and the previous owner has no idea. Thanks for your help!
  5. 318TI Dash lights & first BMW

    Well that is great news! Thank you
  6. 318TI Dash lights & first BMW

    Hi everyone I have just bought my first BMW and got a BMW 318TI Compact. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Having owned solely Japanese cars pre 2000 i have never even owned a car that has Engine lights or at least Nowhere near as many dash lights that is on this new stead. I was looking for a compact with good service history and good condition for a few months until i found this. It was suggested i get myself an App called Torque Pro and scan the OBD port for any faults before buying and as long as that is clear and the car has no rust and drives okay and no unusual noise and i get a good price then get it s that is what i did. When you first put the key in the ignition it displays the next service interval in miles and then on next key turn it lights up quite a few lights. These are Handbrake Oil Battery EML Engine management light Once i start the engine all the lights bar the handbrake turn off. I just want to know does it mean i have a problem? Or, since they turned of is that just a usual occurrence and i have nothing to worry about? I have a long history of getting screwed over by mechanics so i wanted to seek advice before going to a mechanic and being told everything has had it and the bill will be £££££ The car had a service according to the book less than 100 miles ago but i do not know what it included because all the air cabin filter is disgusting so i am thinking i should get it fully serviced. Is it easy to do this yourself on a BMW or is it really a job for BMW themselves? I always changed my oil and all filters myself twice a year. The coolant does not have a float in the chamber and it looks quite low but is there a way to tell without having a float? Or will i need to get one, and if so, where? The only reason i ask is it seems to be quite smokey for a petrol and thought it might be due to low coolant. Thanks very much for your help!