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  1. Looks like someone tried to bleed the cooling system (badly). Also the cooling fluid is incorect, it should be light blue. Usually the tank reservoir start cracking at around 100k. Try and clean it and see if happens again. It could also be a dodgy reservoir cap.
  2. Hi Sorry for the late reply, unfortunaly as I agreed the price over the phone there was not much I could do. To make things worse the car malfunction a day later. This time the car was near a garage a trusted so I took it there and they found that the pump was fittet incorrectly. At the same time some other repairs needed to be done, such as oil breather system , cam sensor, o2 sensor etc. I'll make another tread once a I have the chance to get the car a good clean. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. A bit of an update, after a few call the guy still insist that the fuel tank need to come out, I authorised the work as the car is not running and I need it by Monday for work commute. Monday is the pick up date I'll see what I can do. I saw a few videos on YouTube and it seam like a really easy job. Also they are changing just the fuel pump and not the sending unit, the guy wouldn't even quote me on that. The AA took me there I wonder if I can complain to them in some way.
  4. Hi Long story short I sold my previous e46 330ci and quickly regreted doing so. After a few months I bought another one in better condition than the previous one however it now needs a need fuel pump. The AA recovered my car and as I was nowhere near home, the car was dropped to a local garage(thats where they found out about the fuel pump not working). I was shocked when they called me and told me that it would cost 580 pound to replace the fuel pump and that to do so the fuel tank would need to come out. From memory the fuel pump can be access from under the seat but I'm not sure. I think something is not right with the price given to me, which i think is related to the "fuel tank needing to come out"of the car. Can some one confirm my suspicion?
  5. Thanks for the response. I think you are right on all accounts. Looking at the service record in detail it appears that a lot of work was done in regards to bushes very recently(end of 2014). The following bushes were replaced with poly counterparts: front anti roll bar, rear trailing arm, front bushes, front wishbone bushes and rear suspension bushes. at a guess i think that most of them have been done which would point to a most likely warp disk problem. I'll leave the door problem for now as I can manually open the driver door and I will use the car mostly as a weekend toy anyway( My precious!!!). On a side note, the feeling of opening the car manually is very satisfying for some weird reason. I'm in the process of buying the cup holder on eBay( it was missing) and I'm also thinking to use something like Xcarlink to connect a Usb in the boot and play my music from there. I already bought a new leather gaiter for the gear nob and handbrake. For the near future i'm planning for a new gear nob and re-trim steering wheel On the weekend I'm going to a seaside town so I'm looking forward for the drive.
  6. Hi thanks There are 3 problems with the car that I found: Driver door won't unlock remotely Car judder under heavy braking at speed over 65mph. Saturday all test some more. Everything is fine lower then 65mph even under hard braking. No clunk over speed bumps(of which i have a lot of them where i live) The car CD charger don't work at all however I'm not bothered as I plan to use some sort of USB/aux converter while retaining the oem satnav. In regard to this the owner that had the car before the guy I bought it off had some sort of audio connection set up. Here some pic of the two connection coming out where the cup holder is supposed to be, I have no idea what to connect them to:
  7. Just bought a well spec 330ci face-lift, I will post pics when I get the chance. The car is very well equipped with HK, sunroof, auto light and wiper as well as xenon light and satnav. The car have some minor problem, so i'll make some relevant posts later. At the end my patient didn't last long
  8. Hello!! I'm currently looking to purchase a E46 330ci after years of driving diesel cars. I'm looking forward to stalling the 330ci for the first few miles. Specifically I'm trying to find a face-lift 330ci with a manual gearbox for around 3k . I'm aware that the mileage will be high for the money however I hope to avoid any big bills by being patient during the buying process(admittedly something I struggle to do every time I buy a car). So far I found lots of useful info around the forum however if you guys want to share some of your best tips and trick in regard to finding the perfect e46 within budget, please let me know. If i have more question ill make sure to post them in this tread.
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