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  1. My mileage is A roads and no motorway, so the 330d will do alot less around them I am guessing? Still thinking a 320cd is a winner. Did see a clubsport and quite fancy it but fuel will kill me.
  2. Cheers for helpful info guys. I still have my company car for a while before I hand it back. Ideally I want to keep the costs down on the daily as I have a weekend toy, so it seems as the 320cd Manual is currently looking like a winner. Although i do not think i will be overly fussy over a manual or auto too much.
  3. Hi All, My first post here but I have been a BMW owner in the past, about 5 years ago I had a E46 M3, and a E46 330Ci Msport. Since then I have had company cars, currently have a 2013 A3 SportBack Sline TDI 150, which will be going back soon. I have a weekend car so recently started look at for something cheap but still nice, and of good quality. Im looking for something quieter inside than my A3, and a better seating position. I have seen you can get a really nice 320cd 2004 90K miles for around 3K now, I do circa 1800 miles a month to work and back alone so economy is really key, over 4 years I will do easily 100K miles. A part of me fancies the 330cd over the 320cd and an auto, but then sensible me says the go for better fuel economy as I have a weekend toy. My trip is mostly A/B roads, some stop and start but not much. What kind of fuel economy could I expect form these? The road tax difference is quite abit and over 4 years its £440, also Im guessing the insurance is cheaper on the 320cd? Does anyone have a general annual running cost over 4 years? Also is maintenance on these similar? Is it better to go for a manual than an auto to Isolate from issues? My 330Ci 2005 auto box did drop into limp mode leaving me stranded once, but a software reset/upgrade and it never happened again, that was at 145K miles. Thanks.
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