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  1. I honestly don't think I can face all the hassle trying to fit the Parrot asteroid, seems less than straightforward to get a good fit and needs lots of fabrication to get it secure. Then the extra cost of the cables it all adds up quite an expense. Think i will end up going towards an eonon 6150f for all the s**t that's given I think the parrots a lot of work and I'm not confident enough to do it.
  2. Right I need two new rear springs for my 320d coupe Msport now I would prefer the Sachs springs however which are the correct ones as surely the msport springs are different to the standard springs on the e46? euro car parts list two type but I have no idea which is correct would it be cheaper option to buy some Eibach springs instead? If so which ones and how will this effect the ride? Will it make the car too low as I actually like the way the car sits as standard, but £100 for 2 OEM springs or about £150 for 4 eibach springs anyone help at all would be great especially links to the correct Sachs springs for the msport and the best eibach springs
  3. So if I order that above cable and then the unika ISO and that fascia plate do I have everything to fit? the picture of the asteroid is a second hand one will those metal plates work to hold the unit in place
  4. This is a second hand one I've seen and what it comes with Is that everything i need? Will those two metal brackets bolt on somewhere to hold the parrot in place
  5. I really like the Parrot to be honest it's just installing it as I've seen the standard cage getting chopped up to secure it in place, that's not something I'm comfortable doing.
  6. Hi mate thanks for the reply, I wasn't sure if it needed a cage modified to install it as I don't know how it stays secure in the hole made by removing the standard cage
  7. Well I've just read through this entire thread and honestly makes me not want to get an upgrade that I ideally want. The multiple versions of the Chinese units is so damn confusing and seems there is some reliability issues which does worry me a bit to be honest. Try do however have a good OEM style look and are totally plug and play with no modifications needs at all. do the maps cards work off the antenna or do you have to connect via your phone to use your internet? Ive looked at the Parrot asteroid smart and it looks a good piece of kit and reliable. This however appears to need all sorts of extra cables and adapators buying on top of the unit price like a fascia plate, unika cable and then the fact heres no cage to hold it in place so you need to butcher your current cage. Now I'm not competent enough at all to cut up my cage and make brackets to hold it in place so the Parrot unit now looks a no starter for me due to all the lengths you have to go to fit it. so back to the Erisin and eonon units the reliability comes back into play but that plug and play ease makes me think well for £270 I have everything pull out and plug in. However 2/3/8/15 months down the line is my unit going to be a door stop???? seems there is no great product at all and risks with all options Parrot and Alpine very expensive from new with the problem of how do you fit it and secure it chinese Stabiltiy come into it i don't know what to do 😩🤔🤔
  8. Yeah maybe so struggling to find the exact info I need to make sure I get the right bits, really deciddd that the eonon or dynavin are not worth the risk as seen people mention things can go wrong with them. The parrot looks solid
  9. can anyone help please really struggling to get the right information
  10. Seen few headunits I like but swaying to the parrot asteroid smart over the dynavin and eonon variety. However im getting bit confused to what additional parts I need to make it fit. am i right in thinking a universal double din fascia off eBay for the e46 is needed and also a unika ISO cable for the steering wheel? pictures inserted below? Im not fussed for the climate control relocation bracket as I'm not paying £50-£60 for that seen many people say it slides in fine on the sunglasses holder ive got a business model Headunit in my e46 currently
  11. Quinny320d

    New wheels

    All taken on my iphone I've just copied the photos and pasted a different seems to be working haha
  12. Quinny320d

    New wheels

    %5BURL=http://s860.photobucket.com/user/quinnymk1/media/BMW%20E46%20MSPORT/CB6C07E0-5A69-4F83-930D-FDDD3602A32E.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab167/quinnymk1/BMW%20E46%20MSPORT/CB6C07E0-5A69-4F83-930D-FDDD3602A32E.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D does this every time I copy the img link either from the web or the Photobucket app
  13. Quinny320d

    New wheels

    Trying again %5BURL=http://s860.photobucket.com/user/quinnymk1/media/BMW%20E46%20MSPORT/CB6C07E0-5A69-4F83-930D-FDDD3602A32E.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab167/quinnymk1/BMW%20E46%20MSPORT/CB6C07E0-5A69-4F83-930D-FDDD3602A32E.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D
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