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  1. Oh right, nothing to worry about then, hopefully it'll go eventually once everythings bedded in! Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi, I've got a 2005 BMW 320CD, it's just turned 43,000 miles, got FSH and is pretty much immaculate inside and out (and underneath). Just recently I've been hearing this grinding/vibrating noise whilst driving at slow speeds, I've recently done the brakes (thinking it could be the shield etc) but everything was fine and the noise has continued. I was also told it could be the wheel bearings but they're all fine. It's not a bad noise and I doubt it's anything serious, but it's quite annoying haha. I've attached a video, but its hard to get any good footage of it, it gets drowned out by wind/road noise on recordings when driving Any help would be greatly appreciated! video-1475687295.mp4
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