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  1. my mate has a yard in Acrington, just opened it.
  2. WOW, wish this was on a forecourt. im after trading mine in for an M3 but if i came across a 30 this clean id put it on hold
  3. Prob going to look at 2002 E46 M3 2moz. Not top of my list of viewables as its done 107k. just wondered if anyone has any tips on things to look out for, and opinions on mileage issues? im aware there may be a vanos issues any one got any more info on this please?
  4. lol didnt see this post m8, just done the same thing on there. thanks for that.
  5. sound mate, i knew it. i look a bit young for my age and have this problem alot when it comes to cars. i will be happy to accept 7k for it on an M3 but cba selling private again. thanks for feedback. i looked on parkers and they dont list my car.
  6. jamie i was thinking along those lines buddy. cheers. Daz, he said about 5k! i know the in it for a profit but im looking at a 12k car so he can jog on lol
  7. Not been on for a while but on a begging mission. Looking to trade my car for an M3. Found a decent one on my doorstep and had a word with them the other day but wasnt very happy with the guys valuation of my car, he didnt look in a guide he just went off the top of his head. My car is a 2004 318Ci Sport 2.0l 16v Twin cam with just less than 76k on the clock. it is manual and has the black cubed trim. Just wondered what it might be worth? any ideas?
  8. +1, even put some colour on the calipers to sharpen up appearance
  9. Scrimja nailed it. as long as u make sure u clay everywhere it will be sick. no need to do it twice. first time i clayed i was amazed and couldnt wait to it again, i waited 3 months and did it again but very very little came off the car. its a wicked procedure for removing **** from the car that u cant see with naked eye. well worth the effort
  10. Equal all round though Dude , none of this darker rears Nonsense
  11. bargain that, looks excellent condition. Black headlining and post trims would finish it right off
  12. quality, im gonna do this. suppose u can really only do it once evry few years .
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