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  1. thanks - some of the stuff surrounding the sat navs on them sounds a bit complicated
  2. cheers for the advice - link doesnt work though. anyone else got a link to how to do this ?
  3. I have a 2004 compact - it doesnt have a centre arm rest, i want one in black leather to go with the half black leather trim. can i just buy one second hand - or do i need a whole new centre console ? can anyone reccomend where to get an armrest / or any other bits i need to achieve this ?
  4. will this fit a 316 Ti compact - 2004
  5. I have some 17 inch alloys i need to refurb and put on my 1.8 2004 Compact. Does anyone have any reccomendations regarding what filler, primer and spray would be a good brand to use. Ive got some 800 and 80 wet-and-dry paper to rub them down with, and also a small detail sander and a little dremmel tool thing if i need it. Any other tips or hints welcome.
  6. that sounds like what i want, i can manage to fit that myself im sure. I just want to make sure the satnav bit in it is decent (what maps do they use ?) and also that i can connect my phone via bluetooth. Id also like some advice on which brand is best or any to stay away from - and which type is best, a windows unit or an android one ?
  7. Hi Ive just bought a 318 Ti Compact - 2004. Great little car. The first thing i want to do is put in a double din / sat nav / dvd / radio head unit, I believe i have to relocate and move down the air/con heater control panel - remove the existing radio panel, then the double din unit slots into the two top slots. Seems fairly simple. I dont have an existing satnav stuff or autochangers in the boot i dont think. My main question is this - Am i better off getting a second hand BMW double din head unit that does all this ? - or am i better off buying a new unit from a 3rd party brand, ive seen ones that seem to run almost like an android or windows tablet with a touch screen - if i do get one of these is it better to get a windows one or android ? I will be using the sat nav regularly, and also wanting to play CDs and audiobooks as MP3s via a USB stick, i also listen to TalkSport a lot so if it had a DAB radio that would be good. If anyone has done this and has any advice on what model to get, what to steer away from and where to get things please let me know - any advice welcome. Im also planning on fitting it myself to keep any costs down.
  8. Hi Ive just joined the forum after purchasing a 2004 Compact 1.8 a few weeks ago. Im no stranger to BMWs as i had a couple of E36 3 series models about 15 years ago. In the past 10 years Ive had 2 Alfa 156's - which were great to drive but the last one died on me on MOT day a few weeks ago. So Im now driving a silver 318 Ti Compact and I really like it, it has done 90,000 miles but has its full service book, all jobs have been done and it has had its oil changed every 7,000 miles. Hoping to post a few questions about some upgrades and modifications i want to do to it straight away.
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