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  1. Not sure how to add myself to list, technopleb that I am, but I am up for this, whole weekend. All needed details available as and when needed by PM?
  2. I was just wondering if anyone on here in the management/admin might consider organising a club attendance to the above event, details on the Brands Hatch website and deutschefest@msv.com Myself and my son in law pretty much decided to go for the weekend, and I will probably try to get in on an individual display ticket, but obviously would rather be part of a club display? Weekend admission including camping is £35, reductions available for club entries.
  3. And thank you again, Bennno. I am most grateful for this interest and help. I didn't say, but I have actually already spent on her having all the PC pipes and valves replaced as these were visually perished and cracked and believed to be adding to the oil use issue? I do have a little bit of a "personal" type problem in that the local independent BMW specialist owner/chief spanner is the husband of one of my daughters very best friends, so I don't have any other real trusted options locally, plus I bought the car on his very firm recommendation since it was a car they had maintained and serviced totally for the last 5 years. So when, within a month I realise its using a lot of oil, (was about double what it is now!), plus discovering this noise, and also, a couple of other small issues, tweeters blown, drivers window guide scratching glass every time used,) I have lost some faith. I paid £2700, which I believe is very top private price for 2002 330 Sport, so a bill for £240 within 6 weeks was not what I was wanting. I'm sure its just me, and I'll grow to love her, but just now I'm a little down.
  4. Thanks for that too, Trevor. Now I'm really concerned, because When I got it, I knew the 328 was not very well loved, had a poor service record, etc., but I paid very little for it and it was a very faithful servant for 3 years during which time it went up to just over 200,000 miles with no issues whatsoever and used no oil between oil changes. This 330 has an excellent FSH, has had huge amounts of money spent on it over the years, does use some oil - about a half a litre per 1,000 - and has this slight noise. I've had it 3 months and, although she looks great, I have a vague feeling she's not the car I thought I had paid top whack for and I almost wish I'd kept the 328 and spent money on it (front wings, rear arches, various small issues, cruise control U/S, interior pretty knacked, air bag light on, handbrake light on, etc), devil you know maybe better than the one you don't. Ah Well.
  5. Many Thanks for telling me about that. I guess my "W" reg e46 328 did not have them, as in 3 years of ownership I never heard that sound, which was why I was a bit worried.
  6. Well said, Benno. That plus the obvious fact that this has been a hard used and uncaredfor example makes the review worthless. Come and view my 2002 330 ci Sport with 112,000 and massive history plus FSH and tell me thats a crock of s**t. Horses for courses, you get what you pay for.
  7. just wondered if anyone has experienced this. 2002 330 ci MSport, 114,000. For between 2 and 10 seconds on cold start up ONLY, first thing in the morning, a quiet ticking noise. treated the oil with a dose of Wynns Hydraulic Lifter Treatment, which has virtually eliminated it, couple of seconds of almost inaudible tick now only, but a bit concerned if there is a long term problem here which I am just temporarily hiding away from? Anyone had this? Any thoughts? thanks Guys.
  8. Just to keep her nice and clean and tidy really, Daz. I've got over £3,000 worth of receipts over the last 5 years of the previous ownership, and she was maintained at a BMW specialist garage where the owner/chief spanner is the husband of one of my daughter's best friends, and, In his words, "He has had everything possible done to that car and more besides". He recently had the gearbox refurbished because he wasn't happy with the gears changing crisply, and when called to authorise the cost, told them to put new clutch in while they had the box out. They told him it wasn't needed, loads of life left, but he instructed them to do it anyway! The guy very kindly gave me a boot full of spares, including every original light cluster, front, back and even side indicators, because he wanted eagle eye heads and thought car would look better with all new lenses, even gave me about 3 litres of Magnatec 5-30 C5 because its the right oil for it and not the car he's getting! I was so impressed I didn't have the heart to try to knock him down a pound, just got a new ticket on it out of him as only had 4 months left. Friend at garage had said that he'd disown me if I tried to knock him down as it was worth every penny! The only two issues I have to cover are that the windscreen Is lightly scratched in a couple of places which niggles me a bit, but the main thing is, the two front tweeters in the doors (Harman Kardon) are blown and vibrate?/distort badly, so system adjusted to rear only until I can sort out replacements. So, no, no plans, clay, resin polish, clean, clean, clean, hahaha, and try to keep those immaculate recently refurbished mv1's off the kerbs!!!!!!! P.S. Forgot. I have just ordered chrome look number plate holders front and rear. To highlight the personal number my wife and daughters bought me for my 65th Birthday.
  9. Greetings to all from Darkest Dorset. My name is Jeff, aka Jeffthro, have owned a wonderful old 328 for nearly three years which was a great servant, but reaching a point at which her age was beginning to show, plus turned over the 200k mark, so have within the last month moved onwards and upwards to a very well cared for M engined 330 ci Sport. Lovely nick, paid top whack for her but after seeing some of the crap around that was the best 330 you'll find for the money, including a 230 mile round trip to London for a car that I didn't even get into, the right car was found two miles away. Doh!!!!!!!!
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