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  1. Hi all, I recently discovered my Clubsport has had an SSG to manual conversion. While I'm glad to be rid of the many issues the SSG seems to throw up, my cruise control has never worked. Whilst changing the FSR a bundle of wires fell out on face, and this turned out to be the clutch switch wiring which was never wired in - seems this is why the cruise control doesn't work! My question is does anyone know whether the wiring would be in place to simply reinstall the clutch switch, or would I need to pull the car apart and trace it back to find the correct wiring? Really hope the same people who did the stereo install didn't do the conversion.... what a mess!
  2. Just read through this thread, cracking car Brad! How are you finding the SMG box day to day? Seriously considering one of these in a few years once I've sorted the house out!
  3. Hi all, been lurking on here for quite some time. I recently bought an 03 330ci Clubsport, been getting a vibration from the rear whilst accelerating. Having read countless threads on the subject, I changed the guibo and centre bearing (the latter of which was completely disintegrated), the vibration is still there. My first thought was diff mounts, but upon inspection these appear to be still in reasonable condition. I'm thinking the propshaft may be unbalanced, as it is vibrating when I lift off as well. Any thoughts? Cheers
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