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  1. Hi guys, As per the title, my drivers side window doesn't one-touch up but it does one-touch down?! When pressing & holding the unlock button both front windows will go down... when pressing & holding the lock button, only the passenger one closes! Now I've looked through forums and attempted to re-set the one-touch - using the suggested methods but no luck! Any suggestions?
  2. Hi there! I've recently purchased a lovely 330ci but my passenger side wing mirror doesnt fold :(! I've not investigated as to why by my assumption was that perhaps it's the motor! The mirror still moves though! Looking into buying a second had replacement and I'm confused on how many 'pins' I'll require! From what I can gather they must of been a retrofit of the M3 rounded ones!
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    New to BMW

    Firstly hello! As the title suggests I'm new to BMW so please bare with me as I may be asking a lot of newb questions, all comments and help is much appreciated! So I've just purchased myself a lovely Estoril blue Clubsport 330Ci. I'm keen to get a few things sorted so would love some input! If you've any ideas on how to sort these issues, please do come forward; - Drivers door makes more of a clunk than passenger - Left hand wing mirror doesn't fold up - 3 LED's out on the rear - Fabric on the front pillars has peeled up - Satnav needs updating - Headlights are terrible, seems the aim might be off?! - None of the boot lights illuminate - Angel eyes barely work - Tool box is incomplete Here's a preview of the car anyways!
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