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  1. Is the obd box bit itself thats different? is there any other programmes that work with the pa soft cables?
  2. Hi I know this will have been asked before but cant find it if it has. i have the bmw scanner witb pa soft 1.4 what is the difference in this scanner and the ones used for ispa? Thanks in advance
  3. So I used a cheap fault code reader this morning and it flagged up P1167 Manufacturer controll Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. So I believe it's more an electrical fault, went for a drive tonight and it's strange but the car was hesitating/stuttering (until I put my foot down and pull out of it) until after about 20mins of driving, the eml came on and the issue almost disappeared. could the maf/o2 sensor cause these issues? Many thanks
  5. No not yet, are these common signs of a choked up TB? Do they get that bad to cause that kind of issue? Cheers
  6. Hi guys, I'm quite mechanically minded but this one has me stumped. car runs and drives smooth as you like, but under acceleration there seems to be a bit of hesitation from the engine? coil packs have been changed, new plugs etc. I thought the a air flow sensor but if I unplug it the revs drop and tick over becomes iratic. any help/advice would expect greatly appreciated
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