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  1. You said you cleaned the intercooler. Have you tried taking it off, filling with water to check for leaks? I had an issue the other year took ages to find. Was intermittent no boost turned out to be the intercooler. There was a tiny leak, I previously tried the old spraying the cooler with brake cleaner to see if the revs dipped, to check for leaks but that showed nothing. Have to blanked off the swirlflaps? I would. i would unplug the fuel temp sensor. Disconnect the egr vac pipe just to rule out any soft failing of those items. what software you using to read faults?
  2. Glad you fixed it mate. How do I find locate all the earth points? My car doesn’t like starting in the first turn of the key. Battery voltage is fine starter is new. I can hear the relay click but the car doesn’t turn over guessing it’s an earth issue?
  3. Hello i have an issue with my 330cd 2004, I’m getting a knocking noise when setting off, it sounds like it’s coming from the diff. I’ve done some digging today. And found the diff vibration damper rubber is splitting. has anyone had to replace one of these before? I can’t seem to find anything on YouTube videos on doing it. cheers in advance. It’s item 17
  4. Hi does anyone know the plugs used on the wiring loom for the fuel temp sensor and outside temp sensor? What's the part numbers please? the fuel temp sensor plug I'm wanting to change. I've replace several sensors now and it's currently unplugged. Then it's plugged in I get intermittent power flat spots. I'm hoping a new plug will cure it. the outside temp sensor plug is totally missing at the min. I'm wanting to fit a new sensor and also need the plug. im an instrument electrical tech so I can't see me having an issue crimping new plugs on. thanks
  5. You checked your intercooler for holes? Take it off and fill it with water with the inlet and outlet pointing to the sky, leave it 30mins and se if it's leaking anywhere.
  6. So I have to pay $400 to see other people's photos they've pasted into walk thoughts? That's turd to say the least! All the guides use them.......
  7. Any one else getting the photo bucket p500 image instead of the actual image shown in walk through post? I can see any images/ photos? How do you resolve this issue please? regards
  8. Yep it was the alternator, I've swapped it now and fitted new pulleys and belts too. I found working on the car from underneath was the best way to access everything with the car on axel stands. Dontpannic not a total waste if it avoids you forking out £120 for a new alternator......in this case it didn't! LOL! Plus I had the windshield replaced rescently so was sure if there was a leak causing a current drain.
  9. Hello i have an exhaust leak, the cabin smells when I start the car up, I have to put the fan on re circulation before i fire the car up to stop it. I can see under the bonnet by the back of the turbo it's all sooted up (at the front of the CAT). I've checked under the car and there is no leaks anywhere else. Is this there any common problems for the exhaust to leak here, I'm after some pointers on where to investigate further and cure the issue. Thanks
  10. I'm just guessing, but could it be a split hose, cracked exhaust manifold, or a hole in the exhaust? Might be worth jacking the car up and having a look. A point worth mentioning, have you changed the crank case breather for the new vortex design!?
  11. Is it an electronic EGR or vacuum? Never had the same issue or heard of the fault before, sorry. It may not be your MAF, sounds like it's an EGR issue, or there may be an issue with your MAP sensor?
  12. Chris S is your car throwing up fault codes and enigine light? My cars running really well now. The car must of learned the new sensor. What symptoms have the car got?
  13. What shocks are you putting in BeemerGaz? I'm in the progress of changing all front drop links, wishbones (still need to buy, going to get Meyle ones and poly front rear wishbone bushes) and inner and outer tie rods. Once these are done I'm going to change all shocks and springs, front and rear (I changed all the rear bushes this summer). Mines an M-sport 330cd. Anyway I don't know which ones to get?
  14. Hi chocka I think I did unplug it, it was a few years ago I cleaned my inlet manifold in caustic soda. I'm pretty sure I did, as I've read about this before. My cars swirl flaps are blanked off now. This issues have been with my new MAF plugged in, did the same with the old one. Unplugged the car runs pretty good just enigine light on. I've been driving the car the last few days now, it's running ok. A little slow on being responsive at low revs in 1st and 2nd. I tried the old key throttle reset trick today I believe it's made a difference. I'm going to try doing a full adaptation reset on INPA at the weekend.
  15. just before the high pressure fuel pump under the inlet manifold. Cheers again, i'll do so more digging.
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