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  1. Thanks, I tried for all =) this is my first creation e36 m3 gt hood grill - hood vents EMU - YouTube
  2. Wowww hood Vents EMU e46 e46 gtr Hood Vents EMU - YouTube e36 - e46 https://youtu.be/Z5T6zDqsmDw and e92 replica Vorsteiner BMW e9X e90 e91 e92 e93 Tuning GTRS Bonnet gills DTM hood Vent grill M3 Air Duct - YouTube they are better and more correct than the vorsteiner vorsteiner broken lines and radii are too crooked (done by hand) Compatible only coupe Shipping is very expensive EMU version is made in 3D and CNC Go see the purity of lines ABC material is most suitable for such elements the main advantage is the ease of delivery and compatibility not only with the coupe
  3. X-Shadow

    e46 hood vent

    BMW Tuning Bonnet gills DTM hood Vents grilles M3 GT-R Air Duct "EMU"
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