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  1. Decided to go for the M235i... It's pretty nice but still miss the E46! I think i still need to make a few mods to the 2 to get it how i like it! I noticed my old car on auto trader and really tempted to buy it back!... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201808219698802
  2. She's been sold It was a really nice decade with this car but was time for an upgrade!
  3. Had a blowing exhaust that needed changing, so I decided on a little upgrade whilst in the process... Quite happy with the "boy racer" result lol
  4. Oh yes! Loving the sounds of the mini radio! Definitely puts the E46 to shame! Had to get a new exhaust as the old one was blowing quite bad... Think it's restored about 20 ponies!! Loving the Mini!!
  5. I'll put some CD's in the changer later and let you know... I don't really fancy blasting out the radio lol but it does sound ok!
  6. I'm definitely impressed by it! I must admit it's a bit slow for my liking but the fun factor of being able to hoon about and chuck it in to corners etc makes up for it. The radio is almost identical to the E46 in this, pretty sure the CD changer is the same too... Just given it a little service and it's made it perk up a bit, especially the low end (probably because of the spark plugs - see pic). Had a wheel alignment done that has helped loads too! Thought i would've ditched the run flats on it by now but for some reason they feel absolutely fine.... for now
  7. It's just the mid range 1.6 116hp version. It feels like a Mini BM
  8. Just bought myself a little car to have some fun with. I'm actually quite impressed with it! 15 years old but very low mileage and as solid as a rock!
  9. Not true, it failed the MOT and it took 6 miles (probably back and forth from MOT centre) to get it up to scratch. The history looks ok to me but obviously, have a good look around it and make your own mind up.
  10. PeterH

    New wing

    Managed to replace my rusty wing last week. It's not 100% but looks a lot better than it did before!.... Just thought i'd share
  11. Could just buy these and save getting your hands dirty... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019DDKRE8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 Took a while to arrive but are a good fit
  12. As above, I'm after a rust free drivers side topaz wing for a 2002 Coupe. Not in a rush to buy but if anyone local (london/Essex) is breaking a car and has one i'll be interested to buy. PM me if you've got one! Cheers Peter All fixed now!
  13. A chance to to some rare photo whoring.
  14. I used a genuine one on mine around 5 years ago, not had a problem with it... Only replaced it as i was doing the vanos , so didn't have any leaks to start with. It was pretty cheap for a genuine one so a no brainer really... Buy cheap, buy twice as they say...
  15. I'm a Eagle F1 fanboy. I really didn't get along with CSC3's a few years back, kumhos are ok if you're on a budget but i'll be sticking with the Goodyears for now.
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