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  1. Anyone got any ideas? google search has come up with nothing
  2. Just a follow up on this.. It was a poor live connection to the Alternator. Cleaned it up, replaced the connector and job done! Thanks for your help guys
  3. Hi all, Latest problem with my 2001 330ci Last Saturday on the motorway I put cruise control on while going through a 50 limit average speed camera section. About 20mins into it I noticed the ASC traction control light was lit. Switched cruise control off but it still remains constant today.. Anyone got any ideas? No other warning lights on the dash apart from a faulty Xenon headlight which went down a couple of days before.. Really at my wits end and dont have access to a diagnostic reader to help! Thanks
  4. Hi Megadodo, Thanks for your response. Battery has been changed and is definitely a goodun! Totally get what your saying but its a big improvement compared to no charge at all haha
  5. Hi, Wonder if anyone could give me some advice? Got a 2001 330ci auto and a couple of times over past few months the battery had gone flat. I simply put this down to the fact I was driving short distances and all the gadgets were draining it quicker than it could charge,. Happened again last week so I brought a in car battery meter and found when driving the battery was not been charged at all (11.7v etc). Im currently running it on x2 batteries (with the help of some jump leads) for when I really cannot do without the car. Battery readings were dismal and could watch the voltage reduce while driving as expected. But today, the alternator appeared to be working and went up to 13v at one stage! Now, obviously my plan was to replace the Alternator (assuming it had to be that) but as it appeared to temporarily work this morning, could it be something else? I was always under the impression that alternators either worked or they didnt at all It has a cheap 'RollCo' Alternator on at present which I assume wont help! Hope someone can help
  6. Hi all, Thanks for the input all. Trevor.. spot on mate!! Offset was a good 10mm out compared to the old rim!!! Replaced the rim with an actual like for like replacement and now back in business!! Never thought for a second about this when I brought the initial replacement. Live and learn eh! Thank you all for your assistance!!
  7. No worries! Yeah will have a proper look in the morning as was dark by the time the wheel was changed, just thought it was worth asking in case anyone had experienced anything similar. Doesn't appear to be any lower on the side in question but hard to tell with the space saver back on. Just assumed I would be able to feel it while driving if the spring had failed. Drives fine. Yeah seems it may have been a pothole, don't remember a particularly bad one though! Thanks for your advice 👍
  8. Hi Rich, thanks for the response. Yeah it's got 235's on the front but the rear (where the issue is) are 255's and was replaced like for like. Many thanks
  9. Hi all! Newbie here! Hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice? I've had my 2001 330ci cabriolet a month now, got a flat drivers side rear tyre and stupidly limped down the road before I put the space saver on. Had to drive for a couple of days on the space saver without any issues. Changed the wheel, found the rim had cracks in multiple places so had to buy a replacement 8.5x19 CSL copy rim and 255/30/19 tyre. Tyre garage fitted it today and off I drove, straight away heard rubbing and went back. Found the rim is now sat on the arch and I can't get a finger between the two. Looked as if the suspension had collapsed. Suspension appears fine on other side and can get my hand between rim and arch. Had to put the space saver back on which sits fine and seems to drive without issue (obviously much thinner). Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to start? Tyre garage, of course offered no advice.. Thank in advance!!
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