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  1. Unfortunately, I swam with the car keys in my pocket. Now, the remote function does not work, however, I still can start the car and use it as normal. I'm unsure what the fault is. Can keys currently sold on eBay be coded with the use of software?
  2. Blue cable in boot. No idea where it goes or meant to connect to?
  3. Thanks. It's restricted access, but manifold and turbo out first?
  4. I've been given the opportunity to buy a decat downpipe for a reasonable price. However, I'm no mechanic. How difficult is the job, is it a manifold and turbo out process? Secondly, I've diagnosed a lambda fault. How difficult is this job? Thanks
  5. If anyone selling a 330cd manual diff or quafie LSD, i'm interested.
  6. As per title, would a manual facelift (201bhp) 330d diff be direct replacement for a manual facelift 330cd diff? Thanks
  7. Sorry to hijack your thread, from reading various posts on here, it seems that the long solution to the E46 rust issue is to buy a new wing from BMW. Please can someone let me know if a new wing from BMW is already painted or untreated and requires painting?
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