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  1. Finally the car was done and it all works! It has now been remaped to work with a manual transmission and not kill it in a short time 😉 But there is much more to get form the engine, nozzles and turbo are at a maximum of 70%. But the engine is getting hot, so I must look at a larger intercooler and an upgrade of the cooling system. Do any of you have any experience with it?
  2. Here is one of the sensors The other has the number 7 787 142 12F3
  3. Does anyone know how to find out how high pressure a MAP sensor is built for? I have two different ones for a 330d M57tu. But would like to know which one can withstand the highest pressure. I have google the number on the sensors with no result...
  4. Got some work done the last few days. 6 new 535d injectors got in the engine. The manifold is in as well as the new turbo with downpipe. New i only need to do some small thing like mount sensors on the system and some service on the car. Then it can go and get testet before the remap. Cant wait... :-)
  5. Hey. Do any of you having access to electricity charts? I'm missing one for the engine and ecu on an E46 330d 204hp. I have searched everywhere on the net and in my workshop book there is only for the petrol. can anyone help?
  6. Finally I had some time to do a little on my project again. I have had the manifold made so it can measure EGT and closed the EGR. Have also made the turbo and downpipe ready for installation. Hopefully I will soon have time to get started installing it 😉
  7. Haynes has made a repair manual for both the M57tu and M57tu2. I have them. Get the one for E90 diesel.
  8. Year... Sorry about that. Dont know how that happen🤔
  9. Both of my 330d are 204hp engines. So commonrail type 2. The one I have from 2005 is an euro4 engine with a much more advanced ecu than your commenrail type1 184hp engine. I therefore hoped that it might be possible to read.
  10. Maybe some of you know more about this than me. I wanted to try and monitor various things about the engine through the OBD port while driving. But various devices I can find write they use canbus to get data about the engine. Will it work on a facelift E46? Or is it too old so everything is still analog? I have 2 330d and the newest from 2005 is with a Bosch dde7 ecu like e60, for example. It's a little more electronic than the other 330d from 2003 I have. Someone who has some knowledge in this area ??
  11. Yes they fit, but you need to remap the ecu for them to work.
  12. Does anyone know if a set of press tools has been made to fit all bushes in the rear subframe of an E46 ?? Both for rear subframe bushings and for the differential ?? My e46 330d project car has a bit of nocking sound from the rear and is pretty sure it is from the rear bush for the differential. Would like to get a set of Press tools to change the bushing and it could be nice if i could find a kit that could be used for the entire subframe and all the busings in the rear of the car. Do any of you know if the is kit for that?? Thanks :-)
  13. Yes it is, i look forward to getting the car ready for some spring tracday ;-) The manifold is from X8R, the downpipe is from ECOTune, injectors from bmw 535d and the turbo is from Gottuned, the link is this: https://gottuned.com/product/hybrid-turbo-stage3-gt2365v-bmw-330d-e46-530d-e60e61-730d-e65-x3-3-0d-e83-x5-3-0d-e53/
  14. I got a cheap e46 330d Touring this summer with a 204hp engine. The car turned out to be in good shape, though, with a few areas that have teased me a little. The idea was really that I would put it up sale when I got it in perfect condition, but just could not really make me sell it ;-) Now I've got some great Stuff for the engine, I'd always liked to have a 330d that I could work on and experiment without it being used as a daily car. It became this car;-) Today, the last of my Christmas gift came to me and the car. New 535d nozzles, downpipe, new cast iron manifold and on top from Gottuned.com a special built hybrid turbo :-) Turbo Specifications: - reinforced journal bearings - so called '360' - CNC modification of turbine housing - CNC modification of compressor housing - Bigger KTS Turbo Billet X 65mm 6 + 6 blades - Genuine Garrett larger turbine wheel GT23 from Mercedes AMG - Genuine Garrett Housings and Exhaust manifold - Dynamically Balanced - Precise VNT adjustment - CHRA is built using brand new parts It will be an exciting project! More to come ;-)
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