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  1. This morning it started up fine. Left it running to warm up. Same thing happened. Died and same warning light appeared ! Inside a cog next to the P Park on auto dash
  2. Cheers but surely they wouldn't have any effect on the dash warning?
  3. Well it happened today. Yesterday it ran fine although I did only a couple of miles, stopped then again a couple. Today it got about 5 miles and stopped at a set of lights. Police pushed me to a safe spot. Got it running and put fuel in. Drove to Halford ok, then wouldn't start again. Got it running but left it. The dash shows a cog with an exclamation ❗ inside it next to the D on the dash. Any clues to where to start looking?
  4. Hi thanks for adding me. Am about to buy very cheaply a 2002 318 auto. However, it has a problem that when driving it can cut out and take half hour to start. It's not all the time mind you. Had something similar years ago with a 528e. Turned out to be battery terminals were loose lol
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