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  1. Contact how directly as they should be able to give you a copy of the services that were carried out
  2. Update! Check the 2 retaining screws on the inside of the lock. Mine were loose and once tightened up the handle operates as it should.
  3. Just tried this in my 330 very. Also have the same problem in that I can only ever open the glove box with the key. With the glove box open and key in the lock it won't turn further anti clockwise than that required to open it. If I turn it further it feels like it might break! Am I missing something?
  4. Hi guys I have trawelled the forum but most links are old. Common question but need some recent feedback on bonnet badges. Can anyone recommend a good replacement, maybe a decent eBay special for my e46 very bonnet? I have a link for gromets just need a good quality badge
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