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  1. Haha we're both local lads then eh? I'm going to be getting a 330ci soon so you might see another one flying about :)
  2. My friends 130i has the door handle lights too they look awesome at night. I'm assuming you'll need bezels to stick them in and get some pre-wired LEDs. If you're good with electricals and wiring you could do it yourself. But I'd just personally buy the parts and ask someone I know or a professional to get it done, that way it won't give you any problems in the future. Definitely possible though, looks cool especially when you lock or unlock your car
  3. Hi guys, Before I dig into the post thought I'd tell you a bit about myself, my name is Ghulam I'm 20 years old from a small town called Batley in West Yorkshire. I have decided to make the jump from my old Corsa to a 330ci. Now I know for my age some of you will be thinking this guy is insane (I'll probably agree with you) but a friend of mine had a 330ci in Imola Red (see pictures) and I just fell in love. He sold it last year and they know I am looking for a new car but they have no idea its a 330ci. I've already done my research on them and I've driven my friend's 330ci too as it was a manual so I know how they drive etc. I've also looked into common faults such as: Oil Level Sensor Front rear wishbone bushes - Based on the forum and other websites a lot of people opted to go for an upgrade to the power flex Inspection 1 and 2 Rust on wheel arches Making sure oil is checked and topped up regularly as the car uses quite a lot Check the tracking due to it being an older car If there is anything I have missed please give me a shout, the reason for this post is I have seen a few 330ci's on for sale I thought why not ask people who know what they're talking about and see whether if they're worth the price and potentially buying. BMW 330CI in Grey This one is on at a decent price, seller has good reviews however from the pictures you can tell the back wheel arches have rust on them. I have a feeling that the car might need work doing on it although the seller offers warranty and free AA cover. BMW 330ci in Topaz Blue This is the one that I'm most interested in as I love the colour and the car comes with all the service history too. Like the other one the seller has good reviews too but for this car I will have to travel 3 and a half hours down to Essex to purchase. Judging by the pictures and the information given would it be worth it? I will be doing a HPI check on both the cars too. Apologies if I sound like a newbie here, I have never owned a BMW before and I would rather ask people who have owned the car and have more knowledge about them than me. Any sort of help would be appreciated!
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