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  1. I don't even have a beep when I select reverse though, absolutely nothing. It's not bothering me too much, as I just make use of my mirrors instead of relying on the sensors, but it'd be nice to have it working.
  2. So I swapped out the speaker unit (or "gong" as it was advertised), to no avail. Anyone got any other suggestions before I go searching for any dodgy wiring? Are any of the bits in the near side cubby hole in the boot related to the PDC?
  3. Awesome, thanks for that, I shall have a gander and see if I can find it to start with, if it's disconnected then ace, if not, I may know a man with a spare I could try.
  4. Having seen a thread on here, I checked my parking sensors when the vehicle was in reverse, I can hear the clicking noise from each of the 4 sensors (which leads me to believe the sensors are all working as they should be), but I get no audible warning in the cabin. I'm pretty new to BMW's in general, only had my 320d Touring for 3 weeks so far, so could anyone suggest where I should check next? I'm guessing there may be an issue with the sound side of it, as the user manual states "System malfunctions will be indicated by a continuous high-pitched tone when the system is activated the first time", and I have no feedback whatsoever to inform me whether the system is working or not.
  5. Hey guys/girls/undecided I'm a complete newbie when it comes to BMW's, been a French car owner pretty much my entire driving career (let the abuse commence! ), but I had my last one - a Peugeot 407SW - written off just before Christmas. Been wafting around in a 66 plate Insignia CDTi SRi hire car since then, whilst on the lookout for a replacement motor. A couple of my friends had suggested a 320d (I'm a diesel fan, don't know why, just prefer driving them over petrols), and I did consider it to start with, but had my eye on an Audi A6 TDI Quattro. Unfortunately, I missed out on that one, and by this point, the idea of a BM had grown on me quite a bit, based on the examples I was seeing within my modest budget, and the reasonable insurance quotes I'd been getting as well. Then this one popped up. £895 for a black 2001 320d, with a brand spanking new MOT, so I went to view it. Now, it does have a mismatched front bumper, a little lacquer peel on the back bumper, and a small patch of rust on the o/s/r arch, but with the cheque from my settlement for the 407, I can afford to buy the car, insure it outright fully comp for a year, AND get the bumpers and rust fixed, and still have a little change left over from the cheque, so I put a deposit on it! Pics from the advert: Heading back to London on Saturday to collect it, and I actually can't wait! Oh, and prepare for the onslaught of Noobish questions!
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