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  1. I said thinking about it dont mean i willing to buy it. I have decided to fix the car because I enjoy driving it. Even though everyone telling it's not worth repairing it. Just because I can buy a new car don't mean I have to. It's not always about money more about what the car means to me. Yes you all may think it's a s**t 4 pot engine but I am fine with that
  2. Hi I have owned my car for 11 years and I just spent 400 pounds servicing it and sorting out the misfire. Now it leaking coolant and I been told by mechanic it will cost 500 to 600 pounds to service which will include skimming if needed. I asked another mechanic he said 650 pounds and extra if it need skimming. The car has never overheated. I tried a website called whocanfixmtcar.com Mobile mechanic said he can do it for £450 pounds but can you trust a mobile mechanic to do it on my drive way? I am thinking if I should sell it as spares and get a new car or repair it. Just cant decide if its worth repairing. Bmw e46 316i SE auto with 62k miles. Sad times. If I get a new car I am thinking F30 320i auto. What you guys think
  3. Hello I need some advice please regarding coolant leak seen on video clips below. 2 weeks ago I had misfire gave to mechanic who clearly ripped me off because he told me he change ignition coil which he did not. Computer said misfire on cylinder 3. So he changed the leads and I told him to change spark plugs at a cost of 280 pounds. Now the car is leaking coolant. I did a pressure test and saw a bit leak from thermostat even though I changed it 2 years ago. I installed a bmw one now and I thought problem fixed. Looks like it leaking from back of engine aswell. Please look at clip. I am worried that it could be head gasket . While I was doing this I also did the oil change front pads and disc and anti roll bar. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10mJrNF2BedLJ7KqyKv-veirVih13bYtf/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MLcF26vA-txcLk2KKfanlgrjQW0gZiUV/view?usp=sharing The old oil looked ok but had abit of water effect on the oil maybe. Car does not misfire or never has over heated. Why did all happened after I got it back from repair with spark plug and lead repair. I hope I don't have to get read of the car as I just spend 500 pounds and now this on the m43 engine with only 62k miles and serviced every year
  4. Hi That is the o ring if no cracks. Un clip it might have dirt built up. But change oring
  5. Send pic on which lifts not working. If it's lights only on the boot lid. Then it looks like the wiring loom. Do you have a multimeter
  6. put acceleration in neutral and see if the voltage goes up
  7. mine lasted 50k miles. Make sure you get bmw tank and not a hella tank from eurocarparts. which I learnt the hard way
  8. if the lights work then its not the bulbs. it could be the wiring harness to the display. check he fuse also.
  9. check the spec for the thermostat and see if it is close to that. realoem
  10. hi Just want to know if I can use Pagid CeraTec Brake Lube for the brake slider pins and if not please recommend me product from ebay or eurocarpart. when I searched the net everyone saying different stuff. use silicone grease but which one and others saying use red rubber grease Castrol and so on. thanks for the help also I have this product wynn's Air Intake and Carburettor Cleaner but what else can I use it on ? ie can I use it as a brake cleaner. I used it to clean my air intake and loads left over want just want to see what else I can use it on? If anyone can recommend torque wrench for brake job please let me know. looking for cheap one as I wont use it much and I am guessing I need to buy 2 ? thanks for the help
  11. 1Oxygen sensor 1 and 2 have error and reading 0.2v idle and 0.6v when car is revved. Car only has 2 oxygen sensor. Machanic thinks fault can be anything and thinks oxygen sensor look fine. Is he lieing or saying the truth. He will be repairing it but says it not easy fix. When I read the codes on my bmw scanner I got code 155 and 171 But these codes could of been old codes as they never came back after reset I them codes mean misfire detected various cylinders and other code is fuel supply/ mixture control Cars fix charge me 150 pound just to change the crankcase valve which only cost 20 pound
  12. Hi no code when I plug in pc but when I start the car the engine is shaking in gear and idle only when car not moving and its not constant comes and goes. it is automatic 55k miles. idle is 500 rpm to 800rpm. I have changed the vacumm hose and breather hose in jan already. water pump and thermostat have also been changed. what else should I check? The problem is intermittent and it is slow in acceleration sometimes jay
  13. The camera in question is in that review a118 and it looks like this is nice size and no one can see it. last think i want is someone trying to steal the camera or people asking why i have a camera. i have a look at currys but might get the a118
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