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  1. Sorry I meant the cat has been taken out not the dpf my mistake. Good to hear it's not asking for trouble, I spoke to a local bmw mechanic who said if I get a decent map on it and just change the oil abit more regular than normal it should be fine the car has been looked after it's been bmw service stamped up all the way through so I'm not too worried the bloke I'm going to get to remap it does it properly on the rolling road rather than just a plug and play job, he seems to think I can get an extra 95bhp and 125lbs torque. This is a lot more than i was expecting, and to be honest as much as I want that much power , I think it would be safer to maybe stick around the 260bhp 500lbs mark.
  2. I really want to map my car, for abit more power , nothing crazy maybe just up to 250bhp or so. Its a 2004 204bhp model, but The car has 150k on The clock. Its an automatic but i had the gearbox fully refurbed about 7k ago so that not a worry. But someone has said I need to watch out for the turbo on a car with these miles. It's been well looked after and regularly serviced act, it has also had dpf and back box delete, as well as swirl flaps and all that stuff blanked off. Has anyone mapped a high-miler before or have any advice. Also is It a big job to replace a turbo if it goes, I've seen the refurbed turbo units for sale for about £350 which isnt bad but is it a huge job to swap them . ?
  3. Hi I know coilovers have been covered a million times but I'm wondering if anyone has tried these ones ? For £280 They look alright night and camber adjustment as well as adjustable dampers. I appreciate you get what you pay for and I'm not looking to massively improve handling or do track days ( that's what bikes are for) but I do want lower looks but not a horrific ride, it's my daily cruiser ! I had £130 no names on my old golf and the ride shook the car to bits so don't want that again ! Anyway here's the link Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272457850915 Cars a 330cd msport - so it's pretty firm as it is ! Cheers !
  4. I took the car back to the garrage who did the rebuild , over the phone he said it could be propshaft related but when I picked it up he didn't seem to have done anything, he came out with some rubbish saying he took it for a drive and it was fine and maybe it's the exhaust hitting the chassis , I knew this was complete rubbish and he was just fobbing it off, he suggested the propshaft but didn't even look at it . Didn't expect much as he's a right smart arse but to be completely fobbed off was annoying . So I took the car to my local garrage, went back a couple hours later and they had diagnosed it as the centre bearing and the part was on its way. They showed me the old bearing and it was completely gone was in two parts . Got the car back at the end of the day and it's bang on , they even knocked couple hours labour off the bill because the bearing was strangely expensive! they pointed out it was missing the exhaust hanger that bolts to the back of the gearbox so I'm looking for one of them . Just goes to show once these guys have your £1700 they don't want to know you do they, will be interesting to see how he acts if the box goes again and I have to use my 12 month warrenty !
  5. No it's the 5spd auto with the GM box, it suffered torque converter failure so was a recon TC and full gearbox rebuild . Im hoping it's a bearing or bush or something reletively inexpensive !
  6. So after going for a quick drive to more accurately pinpoint the source , it seems to happen at about 2200/2500rpm so when the power comes really. Also I think it seems to be coming from the centre of the car as I was feeling it coming up through the armrest through the centre tunnel as such, this suggests gearbox to me . Speaking to the garrage who did my rebuild last week he seem to suggest the propshaft area , some bushing or bearing play. Getting really sick of this car and I've not even had it 2 months !
  7. Under hard (ish) acceleration I get a juddering from what feels like the rear passenger side of the car , it only happens though under load , but is irrespective of speed i.e., I could be on the motorway and put my foot down and it Rumbles or I could pull out a junction and it will do it. It only lasts a few seconds and feels as though I'm driving on a rumble strip . But when im just normal gentle driving it's fine. ive liturally just got the car back from a full TC and gearbox rebuild , it did it before this but I though it was related to the failing tc but obviously not.
  8. Thanks . I guess ! So I spoke to the guy who sold me it and he says he had no problems it's been the best car ever bla bla bla and it had a gearbox oil and filter service 40k ago. Now after speaking to the garage today evidence seems to suggest the gearbox has been messed with much more recently than that- bolts and gaskets ect seem much to clean and fresh to have done that sort of mileage . They seem to think it has been opened checked and bodged back together in order to sell it and pass the problem on. I've also been through the paperwork with a tooth comb and also found a receipt for 'diagnose gearbox problem' from April 2016 and 'reset parameters ' . But no receipts that suggest any physical work to the gearbox ? I appreciate you buy a second hand car at your own risk but for it to have such an issue 2 weeks after I bought it and having done less than 200 easy miles In it I'm pretty sure he's completely done me over ? Do I have any sort of comeback against him if he's knowingly sold me a car on its way out without mentioning it ,because let's face it I'm gonna have a massive repair bill here - short of going to his house with a baseball bat that is !
  9. Hi i bought a 2004 330cd auto about 2 weeks ago, it has been running really well since I got it , mostly driving round town and a bit of motorway , however today I noticed the gearbox seems to be slipping , I mainly happens at low speeds and when I'm turning ? For example round a mini roundabout or setting off from a junction it will rev to about 4500rpm with no drive then kick in , it feels as if it gets stuck in a neutral between 1st and 2nd . I'm new to autos so no expert . When I got home I had a quick look underneath the car and it seems to be pissing oil out from the centre of the car just behind the front wheels, and also dripping near enough the length of the car ? This is all new , up until today their was no oil drops or missed any gears ? It went fine on the motorway also seems to be more at slow speeds ? What seems to be even more strange is their was no warning lights on the dash at all and selecting all gears from a standstill is fine no crunching or delay ? This all happened in D , I haven't been messing with sport or the manual option. The car has 144444miles and has full BMW stamped book every 10k , it is not due a inspection for another 4500miles according to the dash display . ? I'm going to take it to my Local garage tomorrow so they can get it up on the ramps and have a proper look , but I though I'd ask if anyone has any idea what could be going on here !?!
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