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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I made my own unit today & done a small write-up & images at: http://www.e46zone.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32263&st=0&gopid=454243& I hope that the info that I gleaned from these pages will help others too.
  2. Hi Guys, I've just made my first by-pass. If interested, I've put a bit of a write-up & images at: http://www.e46zone.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32263&st=0&gopid=454243& thanks to all for the information that I called upon.
  3. Thanks for your help guys. I made a by-pass ‘module’ today and am eager to try it on the boys car. In the meantime - & Justin Case there is anyone who hasn’t already read up on this – here’s how I did it. Obviously, the information came from the forum pages & I merely copied them – thanks to all. 1 x 1N4001 Diode 2 x 100ohm resistors (as sods law prevails, as soon as they arrived, I found my existing stash) 2 x bits of wire (blue & white) 1 x 2” strip Shrink Wrap. I cut the tails off the resistors & diode, leaving usable stumps of about 3/16th inch, which I tinned (put solder on). I then soldered a resistor to both ends of the diode (image 1). Diodes have a silver band at one end & need to run the proper way. In this case, the resistor on the silver end connects to the blue wire (image 2). The resistor on the non silver end connects to the white wire (if you have some. I don’t have white, so used green – see images). When bending the blue wire to run parallel with the components, the insulation of it separates it from the components. I then fed the unit into a piece of Shrink-wrap & heated to shrink (image 3+4) Job done. This is the first time that I’ve done this, so obviously not professional. As I now have a few items over, and am disabled, I have the time to make a few of these if required. Interested parties please PM me.
  4. Thanks guys. Have now seen a diagram & parts list, so will attempt to make my own. I think I have suitable resistors, but need to get a diode. As usual in these cases, the delivery is dearer than the item, in this case over 100% dearer. I'll post back when I've done it (if my Son agrees - after all, it is his car !?)
  5. Hi guys, My Sons car has started getting the warning light, & he's looking into the 'by-pass' units. Any idea what the by-pass's consist of ? Being rather cynical, I thought it might just 'short out' the blue/white cable. I saw one on e-bay - without a case etc, just looked like a blue & white cable soldered together & hidden in a sheath. Are these things worth using ? Any other advice appreciated. thanks folks
  6. Hi guys, Any idea what the by-pass's consist of ? Being rather cynical, I thought it might just 'short out' the blue/white cable. I saw one on e-bay - without a case etc, just looked like a blue & white cable soldered together & hidden in a sheath. thanks folks
  7. Hi guys, Any idea what the by-pass's consist of ? Being rather cynical, I thought it might just 'short out' the blue/white cable. I saw one on e-bay - without a case etc, just looked like a blue & white cable soldered together & hidden in a sheath. thanks folks
  8. Thanks guys. The weather hasn't been great to play with electrics, plus he works odd shifts. We've seen a violet & something cable running to inside the off-side bumper, so I guess the horns are there. Doc: it isn't that the horns 'fail' to work,,, it's that they jam On. Could still be the relay. The boy suspects the horn button. Apparantly, it's o.k if he presses it at the bottom, but jams when pressing the top or sides (or the other way round). He has a couple of days off over Xmas, so hopefully have another look then. cheers for now
  9. W reg - 318i - M43 Hi folks, My Son has a problem with his Horn (it’s wicked to mock !). The other day it operated on it’s own a couple of times. It has also stuck ‘on’ a couple of times, so he’s removed a fuse. As you know, there are 2 fuses (5 & 55 I think). As long as either is removed, it kills the horn. I wanted to check the relay & power up to the relay, but before we could figure out which one it is, it got dark. I did a quick google search before bothering you guys, & it seems that the horn is a common fault. So, over to you: 1/ Which / where is the relay for this please ? 2/ What’s the easiest way to get to the actual horn/s ? Are they separate or on one bracket ? 3/ What is the usual cause for this to happen ? 4/ If we have to take the steering wheel off, is there a guide anywhere (never done an airbag wheel before). 5/ Any other advice welcome thanks for reading
  10. Thanks Mit, We did look at the relays behind the glovebox,,,, but none of them seem to fit the bill. They certainly don't 'click' along with the flash. Have looked in the E-box - same result. I'll tell him about the Hazard swith tho',,,, makes sense to me. cheers
  11. All done. Out on test. Hope that's the end of it. Great advice DrT. It's one that'll come in handy - often. Cheers
  12. Thanks, Went for a new pump in the end. Now having a problem getting on of th allen screws out. The inner 'head' has been reamed out. It's the upper left (looking from the front) & there's hardly any room to get a wrench on it. If there were a bit of room, I'd try to cut a gash across the head, to use a screwdriver. Head scratching time cheers
  13. My Sons W reg E46 (M43) 318i has just sprang a water leak. It looks – at first glance – that it’s coming from behind the water pump pulley. We’re hoping that it’s just a seal gone. 1/ Do all these cars have the same pump ? 2/ Are they a BMW part or made by a third party ? 3/ Do we need to get a seal from a BMW agent or from any decent auto-factor ? Does anyone have a Part number please ? Any other help or advice appreciated.
  14. My Sons W reg car has been off the road fora few weeks. The battery went flat & he charged it up. He's now having some weird happenings with his lights/indicators etc. When he first mentioned it to me, I initially thought the flasher unit was on the blink (tho' I now gather it's a 'relay'). Q1/ Where do we find this relay ? It sounds like it's behind the instrument panel,,,, but before we start stripping, we'd like to know. I know they used to be (in my day) just under the lining above the footwell. Easy access - as they sometimes needed replacing regularly When he called in last night, he informed me that: sometimes he can hear the unit and the warning light flashes at the same time - but no indicators. sometimes the indicators will flash, but not the warning light, nor - strangely - the relay isn't working (audibly anyway). sometimes the headlights come on for no apparent reason sometimes the warning light comes on - stays on, not flashing - even when the control is set to nothing. Q2/ Would a less than great battery charge cause these symptoms ? He drove to work & back within a few hours of 150 miles, so should have got a decent charge (if the battery is in good nick) Any other advice please ? cheers
  15. My MAF & Cam lights have come on. I'm looking for ways of dealing with it, and come across: CRC Cleaner. I was about to ask exactly what it is, in case I could use something that me or dad already has, & see that it's a petroleum distillate. My dad has Isopropanol (plastic friendly - used to clean printer cartridges & stagings etc) can this be used ? also: what exactly is a MAF ? My dad can get electronic things through his work. If it's just a diode or resit er etc, we think he can get one. cheers
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