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  1. Thanks for the feedback Tim-Ci and others. Weve Not wasted time and travelled to pull the trigger on one yet but did just miss out on the following pair that went before i had time to travel as they were a few hours away. Looked good ones though so can see there are still the odd mint top speccers on low miles out there at a fair price before these become super rare in this kind of condition and spec: http://www.davidwrencars.com/cars/bmw/3series/330iautosport***sorrynowsold***/118620/10 http://www.oxfordgermancars.com/cars/bmw/3series/330cisportconvertiblespecialorderindividualestorilblue,xenons,upgradestereo,54k,lovely/127740/0 Cant seem to paste an image in the thread here but a quick click above should show just how nice these pair were. Think I might of got either for around the £7k mark and regret in particular not getting to the Brass Metallic one to look at and buy as although the price was strong it did have the Hardtop and Nappa Leather interior & looked super clean with nearly all options ticked. Nice to see a couple of super duper ones have popped up recently at the right prices anyway so I think im going to hold tight and not feel rushed to get the old man to get one just because summer is now arriving. Although we want one asap we will hold and hold till the end of the summer if it means getting another like the above too as on balance I think one in this kind of spec wont cost anymore in the long run than paying less towards the bottom of the market on higher mileage runners. He wont do more than 3-4k a year so we should be able to retain the mint spec and most of the purchase price on such a runner over the next couple of years at least. Hope im right and we are lucky too
  2. Hi, First of all hope this is the right place to post. If not apoligies and hope the mods can move as appropiate. Im on the search for an E46 330ci Sport Convertible as per the title thread. Its a 2nd car for the old man as decided by him, me and my brother. Ive done a fair amount of research over the last couple of months but still have the odd things im confused about that i cant seem to find the answers too so hopefully the gaps can be plugged on the forum here. We have decided to buy a nice one off the bat based on personal thoughts and various bits ive read regards upgrades, changes and oily bits so its: Facelift, sub 60k miles, full comprehensive service history, clean & full mot history & with good paint, bodywork and interior. Expecting to pay 4k-7k depending on exactly what we go for and where we get it from (Retail, Private, Auction etc). I did bid on one on a whim last month that went through the ring with BCA Enfield and looking back it was a good one: 05plate,49kmles,fsh,looked to have every option box ticked out of bmw park lane and was very clean. I backed out at 5.9k+fees in a bidding war as it hit retail prices and just lost out as it went for 6k+fees so time will tell if i regret it or not. Now as with any car we fully expect to put money into it after buying but I want to be sure of a few things before pulling the trigger on one and where im struggling is Options, options, options! So if somebody can just confirm: 1. Heated Seats & Xenons: Am i correct in thinking that these cannot really be retrofitted cheaply and easily later & so I should make these as an essential item on purchase ? I dont see the point buying a car this old only to spend big money on retrofitting stuff later on when i may have as well paid the extra for a mint one with the extras in the first place. Am i correct in thinking these are expensive retrofit items as tbh id want Bi-Xenons one way or another ? I take it the factory Xenons even in 2017 are still a pretty decent setup ? 2. Powerfolding mirrors: Correct to think that this is an easy and cheap retrofit to factory spec ? Change the mirrors for oem powerfolds, change the module switch, code the Ecu and away you go its just the same as if the factory option box was ticked ? I assumed both non powerfold and powerfold just have plastic covers in your body paint that pop on and off to swap over so correct me if im wrong ? Are they also memory mirrors with the seats ? 3. Sat Nav: Correct to think that this is really a pointless option to worry about in 2017 and in many cases a hinderence if you try any subtle upgrades later where a non satnav option is easier to work with ? We all have smartphones now anyway right ? 4. Interior Trim: Correct to think this is easy to pop out and in and hence replace with a set in different colours off ebay if this is something i fancy ? 5. Tyre Pressure Monitor: Only a small thing and not important but it bugs me nontheless as i see some cars with it and others without ? Was this a factory option and then standard on later plates or something ? Im happy to spend a little cash on some subtle mods but tbh whatever i do it has to be easily reversed to factory and original spec if i decide to sell later on and id never want to hack into the car. Ive noticed the cars fetching the best money through the auction ring are the unmodded, unmolested & original ones which is understandable. I dont intend going overboard with anything either and in all honesty would rather buy mint up front with everything at factory spec but highly optioned and keep it that way. Tbh my biggest issue is likely to be the Stereo sounds but i think for now ill leave that for questions another day as my head is in a spin regarding the set up between headunit, amps and speakers in both the normal and Hk setups and then again how this plays differently again depending on whether you have satnav or not. Ive had a good look through the ice section but im going to leave that as the last thing for me to get my head around in addition to any oily bit queries. Im sure I have plenty else to get my head around but any help here for starters is much appreciated. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi Everyone, Joe here. The old man has decided on a 2nd car and between him, myself and my brother we have decided on an E46 330ci Convertible. Just recently started the search and have many a question ill no doubt ask if I dont find the answers here or elsewhere beforehand. Cheers
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