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  1. I've recently lowered my 2002 Touring on coilovers that cost me £150 off eBay. It's been 2 weeks since they went on and I have no complaints so far. Ride quality isn't all that bad if I'm honest, much better than I thought it was going to be. I'd say take a punt with the coilovers and see how you get on with them. Don't forget to get some shortened drop links as well
  2. While fitting the coilovers it was noted that my front discs and pads needed replacing. On Tuesday I booked the car in with my mate Grant for new discs and pads and New wear sensors. It was also discovered that the n/s/f caliper was seized so it needed to be replaced. On Wednesday I took Team Car to see a chap called Matty Allen in York for a remap. We didn't have a rolling road but Matty reckons the car will be pushing out 185-200bhp and 380+nm. Whatever the figure is I'm really happy with it. Im so happy with the remap I.dont even care what the figure is . Car pulls like a train and 3rd and 4th gears are now so mighty that Vikings sing tales of them in Valhalla. I also ordered a swirl flap blanking kit yesterday. Mate at work has literally just agreed to fit them so that' good news. Also ordered a new bonnet badge as the current one is looking a little tired to say the least. Photo below taken just after remap and during software update
  3. Nothing is straightforward with cars. Im not going to go into details but the coilovers installation took over a week because of a seized bolt that had it head stripped of it. Once that was sorted we discovered that the drop links were too long and the rims were fouling the front springs. I ordered some adjustable drop links but the bars were too long so had to order another shorter set. A set of 5mm sorted the rims and springs out. The car now sits pretty low and there is a tiny bit of scraping over massive speed bumps and a little bit of rubbing on full lock. Handling wise it now goes round corners like its on rails. It' not too bad over choppy ground either. I' describe the ride quality as firm but fair. The coilovers have been on the car less than a month so it' early days but so far they seem ok. Let' see if I can say that in 6 months.
  4. Around the same time as I bought my new wheels id noticed that the o/s/r wasnt handling right. Over rough ground it was really choppy and it seemed to take longer to settle over bumps. Diagnosis was a leaky rear shocker. I figured that I'd just do all 4 corners with new top mounts all round as to my mind the suspension had never been changed. I decided to go for a set of JOM coilovers for no other reason than they are cheap. The coilovers arrived sometime at the start of October but it would be December when they were fitted to the car. Photo below was taken the day before it went on the ramp to have coilovers fitted
  5. jaminpetre

    New Wheels

    Cast your mind back to September 2017. I don' know what you were doing but I was busy looking at tyre prices. Team Car needed new rubber all round and I was looking at a bill of about 200. When browsing eBay I came across an auction for a set of staggered 18inch MV1's with tyres that were pretty much new. Offer made and offer accepted. I had to drive to Macclesfield to collect the wheels so it worked out a bit more than 200 when you factor in diesel but it was worth it. Wheels were in reasonable condition and they went straight on. Photo below was taken after I'd parked the car up after fitting them on my lunch break.
  6. I owned the car for 3 years but it's been in the family since new as it was my Dad's car. Team Car is a 2002 320d Touring SE. When I bought her she was totally standard, rolling on 16inch BMW 5 spoke alloys. The car was well looked after by my Dad. Never missed a service and if something needed doing it was done. The car is called Team Car as I'm a massive cyclist and the car is my own personal HQ when I got to races. It will easily fit my bike completely assembled as well as a turbo trainer and if it's raining it makes a good shelter I drove Team Car around as standard until September of 2017.
  7. Hello e46 Zone!! my name is Ben. I own a 2002 302d SE Touring. had the car for about 18 months now. previous cars include a 1.9 Fiesta XR2, an RS Turbo Ford Onion ( the things you do when your young eh!!), Mk3 Golf Gti 16v and now my beloved BMW. got to admit, its a vast improvement over all of them!! looking a throwing a few pennies at the car over the coming months. usual things, bigger alloys, lowering job and possibly an engine remap next year. see you on the forums!! Ben
  8. some food for thought there. thanks mjn. what are peoples thoughts on the coilovers available on eBay? ive seen a few sets going for under £200 but most seem to be around the £250-£300 price range. are they worth a look? my only concern with coilovers would be how to set them up correctly.
  9. and it was the rear offside which had the sheared retaining pin. cheers for the help guys!!! Jamin
  10. recently the brake pad warning light on the dashboard showed itself for the first time. thing is the discs and pads were changed not all that long ago, 6 months tops. there was an issue in December when one of the handbrake retaining pins sheared off and was clunking around in the caliper for a journey but that was fixed. the car has had issues with its handbrake before I bought it. it was purchased off my mum and dad and dear old mum is one of those that likes to stretch the cable to it maximum just to make sure the car doesn't move. could issues with the handbrake cause the pad warning light to illuminate? cheers Jamin
  11. hello, I have owned my 320d touring for about 18 months now. it sailed through its MOT this week with a couple of advisories. One of them was that there is slight misting on the o/s rear shocker and they advised me to think about getting it replaced. my last car was a mk3 golf gti that had been lowered about 40mm all round. it handled like a dream and both me and the wife loved driving it. don't get me wrong, the 320d is a vast improvement over a mk3 golf but both me and the wife find the car a little soft in terms of handling and seeing as we are going to have to replace a shocker anyway we are looking at a few options. I guess my question is, what sort of suspension upgrade is best for an e46 touring? should I simply replace the shocker with an OEM item and fit some lowering springs or would I be better off buying a set of aftermarket shocks and springs? someone suggested I should slam a set of coilovers on but i'm not too sure if that's the way to go. any suggestions will be welcome and appreciated. cheers jamin
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