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  1. ** REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE ** Here for sale is our BMW 330ci coupe: BMW 330ci SE coupe, 5 speed manual, Steel Blue metallic 2000 X registration 111787 miles (still in daily use so will rise) MOT until 12th July 2014 Tax until end of August 2013 Totally standard other than late style rear lights, subtle boot lip spoiler and 18" 225M style wheels Full spec includes: Sport springs (factory option) Black leather interior, front seats electric (drivers memory) Climate control Electric windows x4 (can be opened/closed from keyfob) Rain sensing wipers Rear parking sensors 6 CD changer Multi-function steering wheel with cruise control Original tool kit (couple of bits missing) Original first aid kit Original Torch! This is my partners car and we have owned it for three years. It's a lovely example for it's age, and often gets nice comments, it has been maintained by myself since we've had it, and benefits from having most of the common E46 niggles sorted along the way. Good: Car is in excellent condition inside & out, and also in good condition mechanically. The engine pulls well from any revs, and the 6 cylinder engine sounds lovely. The exterior is excellent, paintwork is very good and is only let down by some very minor stonechips on front, two very tiny door dents on drivers door and a small rust scab on drivers rear quarter. Both front wings are nice & clean without any rust (common rust point on E46). Alloys have some kerbing, front tyres are as new, rears 3-4mm. Interior is also in excellent condition, all electrics working OK, climate control ice cold, seats in good condition, with some minor wear to the front bolsters. Also the door seal trims are showing wear (common on E46 coupes). Servicing/Maintenance: Stamped history- 05/02/03 15500 Oil service - Sytner BMW 05/10/04 30898 Inspection I - Sytner BMW 10/11/05 47375 Oil service - Scotthall Stanmore BMW 14/11/06 62921 Inspection II - CS Automotive BMW specialist After that and up to our ownership there are some receipts for servicing, etc. Since we have owned the car, I have done the following and have all receipts: 02/07/10 92695 - Coolant system overhaul, replaced water pump, radiator, expansion tank, thermostat, aux belts and coolant (common E46 weakness). Also replaced the FSR for climate control (another common fault). 31/10/10 95770 - Inspection II service 13/05/12 105126 - replaced coolant level sensor 27/05/12 105357 - Oil service (Shell Helix 5w-40, BMW filter) 26/08/12 106718 - replaced both front lower control arms & bushes (Meyle HD) 20/03/13 109791 - replaced front tyres (Falken FK453) 04/05/13 110691 - replaced battery & alternator 23/06/13 111590 - interim oil service (Shell Helix 5w-40 and OE filter) and oil level sensor replacment 27/06/13 111603 - replaced rear disks, pads & handbrake shoes Next service due is Inspection I, which is in 8100 miles according to the indicator. And being picky, the bad bits: There is a small rust scab on drivers rear quarter just above bumper and the alloy wheels have some kerbing. The door locks can sometimes be a bit sticky needing you to lock/unlock a couple of times from the keyfob (usually just passenger side) first thing in morning. The blown bulb warning indicator is intermittently coming on for drivers rear light, although both rear lights are working totally fine. Rear number plate is lookin tired, I'll replace this over the weekend. So there we are, a nice honest description as I don't like to waste anyones time. The bad bits are just minor niggles, but I like to mention them. On the whole the car is in excellent condition, and is certainly not a cheap E46 that has been neglected. Most of the common E46 niggles have been attended to since we have had it, we both love the car, but it's now time for a change and the missus now fancies a roadster! If you would like to know more about the car, please get into contact!! Price: £2500 We've seen a car we like, so reduced to £2500 firm for quick sale
  2. Not sure if I'm on my own with this one, but tried it using Firefox and IE, and both the same. The forum is displaying as a lo-fi version, a bit like if you view a cached page in Google. I tried it on my SGS2 and mobile version works OK, and when I clicked full site from there it worked OK, just no go on my laptop. Any ideas? I tried ctrl+F5, still the same. Have I turned on some sort of basic view for this website??
  3. OK, so to please everyone here are a few pics: Volvo 850R by Hallsy01, on Flickr Volvo 850R by Hallsy01, on Flickr 2004 RenaultSport Clio 182 by Hallsy01, on Flickr 2004 RenaultSport Clio 182 by Hallsy01, on Flickr And I suppose it would be rude not to mention the Eunos: Mazda Eunos Roadster S-Special by Hallsy01, on Flickr I've had the Eunos a while now, used it all year round when I first got it, then after last summer I noticed that the rust was starting to come through on rear sills, so garaged it for the winter, now the sun is back I need to get it MOT's and sort the sills out. Also bought an Eaton M45 supercharger for it, and started fabbing the brackets, intake, etc but with the rust that needed sorting I started to lose the enthusiasm. Anyway, tomorrow I will be getting it ready for MOT next week! The 850R, I bought this after owning an 850 T5 estate. I'd loved the 850 T5's since I was younger, so bought a cheap estate, loved it, then decided I wanted an R. Really liked that, great example, needed a few jobs when I got it, but that was reflected in the price. Trouble is, as much as I loved it, I kept feeling the itch, maybe becuase I had had two 850's back to back, that and the oppurtunity for profit. Also, as it was a bit of a mint example with only a couple of very minor mods, I was reluctant to modify it. As the powerplant is the same, it makes no sense to me to buy an R model then spend loads of money modifying it, when starting with a T5 would be just the same. Anyway, sold it on, but still regret it. Lovely car. Bought the 182 after that, fancied a total change. Good to be in a proper hot hatch, but do sometimes miss the midrange of a turbo car, or even the 330. It goes well once wound up though, and even then, low down torque is pretty good really. They pull pretty hard from 5.5k onwards though. As for the 330ci, well, there are pictures of that around the forum somwhere!!
  4. I'm 100% considering it!! We'd be keeping the 330ci as officially that belongs to the other half, but after craving an e28 or e34 I knew I wasn't content but can't reality justify 3 cars!! Then the M3 came back into my head, and even though i love the 182, if I sold that and my Eunos & associated supercharger bits, it could be reality. A practical car with decent performance. I had that with my 850R but that was never going to be as focused as an M3 without throwing a lot of money at it. I think i need to have a look at some local ones to make my mind up. £700 for the Vanos, I assume that includes labour? How much would it cost in parts if you did it yourself? Is it just the seals or other issues? Again, is the S52 Vanos more problematic than the M54, or more just an age thing?
  5. I know there are a few on here who have made the switch from an E46 to an E36 M3. Just wondered how you've found the switch, the pro's & con's, real world differences in running costs, problems, etc. An E36 M3 keeps popping into my head, thought about one last year when I sold my 850R, but bought a Clio 182 instead. Trouble is I'm getting an itch for something 'special' and with less of these around now, and prices taking a bit of a tumble - I'm really tempted. I know they are now getting on a bit, so not as special as some modern stuff, but still a proper M car - no doubt about that. I'd be selling up my 182 (great hot hatch, pretty good economy, well specced, but a little basic inside, small) and my Eunos (great car, but I've had it a while now and considered selling this year anyway, insurance is high for a second car that only came out for a few months last year ) and moving to one car that would mainly be a weekend car, I may consider something cheap & frugal to go alongside it. Does it feel particuarly old compared to an E46? I know the steering feel will be much better (we have a '00 330ci) which is good, and proper throttle (again, good!), but how has the interior aged? Look OK to me in pictures, although I've never been in one. Is the Evo vanos issue really that big a deal? I mean it's not like anyone worries about buying an M54 E46, so why do people bang on about the M3 evo? I have heard 6ht gear is a common issue though, which I guess is something to worry about. Even though I think the coupe looks better, I think I'd consider a saloon as possibly more chance of finding a good one at a good price, and a little more practical. Shame about the vaders though SO in general, would be good to hear how owners on here are getting on, whether it's all rosy, or more rose tinted glasses, lol!! Oh, and having not logged on for a while, what the hell has happened to the forum? It's liked reading a cached page on Google!!??
  6. I'd be interested in one if you have a couple Drivers side as well! So it sounds like best plan is get a stick on one for now for MOT, and then stump up for a Genuine one unless VasJ has a supply!!
  7. The drivers side mirror glass has been smashed on our coupe. Just looks like the glass is broken, but have an MOT at the end of the week so need to sort it. Has anyone that's bought a non BMW replacement, recommned a decent quality one that won't cost the earth? I've heard that a BMW replacement is around £80, but there are plenty on ebay for around £20 - just unsure of quality. Am I right to assume that the glass clips into the backing, and it's the backing plate rather than the glass itself that's heated?
  8. If your fans have been acting erratically and you have a flat battery, there is a good chance it is the FSR (Hedgehog). The fans will randomly run with the ignition off. When we first got out 330ci it had slightly erratic fan speed when on Auto, and one day I was sitting in the car with the ignition off and you could hear the fans blowing gently. Bought & fitted a new FSR and now all good. I don't remember having to take much of the dash apart really, it's more fiddly than difficult. There are a few write ups on the net if you look around, I seem to remember the seller I used (can't remember the name off hand) supplied a how to link.
  9. Hallsy


    Looks really nice that Baz, wheels look awesome And 'Hello' from a fellow Suffolk boy
  10. I don't use it as much as I should, but it's a decent lens for the money. I used it in this instance as I don't have a CPL for my Tamron 17-50 f/2.8, and I wanted to make sure I used my CPL for this set! Thanks Probably is brake dust, they're a bastard to keep clean, lol!
  11. Putting it bluntly, DSLR Or big camera with sticky out lens!!
  12. Thanks Camera is a Canon 20D, those were all taken with a Canon 50mm f/1.8, all post processed using Lightroom 3.
  13. Thanks for the nice comments, especially the 'almost brochure like' - I felt that my car photography had been a little falt lately so nice to be appreciated It's not Topaz though, it's Steel Blue Wheels are 18" 225M reps, not staggered unfortunately but they came up at a good price so I snapped them up. I'd like to refurb them to get them totally mint, but the missus didn't want me to do that before winter, just in case!! Better get it sorted sometime now the snow is well & truly gone!!
  14. Not posted on here for a while, but I'm still around!! Washed our 330 Monday night, so thought I'd nip out and take a few pics BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr BMW 330ci by Hallsy01, on Flickr Shiny, shiny
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