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  1. Thanks Guy's. As long as I'm on the right track
  2. Hey, Where are you lot buying your E46 parts these days? Any reasonable online shops I may not know about? I'm looking for a pair of front control arms and bushes which are OEM quality or better for my 2003 320D. I know Meyle and Lemforder are decent aftermarket brands and I have managed to find the below on amazon. I was after your thoughts on any other cheaper but decent oem quality brands that you guys know and also any reputable places online where the prices are reasonable. Cheers https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0068MGN6O/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_img?_encoding=UTF8&colid=3CBPDCRXAMU16&coliid=I17J2P3IS5MY0D
  3. Hi Guys, Just a quick post to say thanks for your help Checked again tonight after work and now that I know the head unit/ loom plug pin positions I found that the amp out on the head unit was already going to the amp/antenna pin 16. Was stumped for a short while and got the multi meter to check it was in fact sending power, which it was? I was going to check the fakra antenna back to the amp for continuity and as I was moving the connector I have full signal!? It seems I have a break in the fakra to din adaptor cable so if i hold it in the right position to touch the breaks together I get full signal. I could have spent ages testing everything so quite lucky really. Someone must have been a little ruthless trying to get the head unit at some point as its a tight fit. Gonna go get a new PC5-100 adaptor tomorrow from the local car audio place and finally have proper radio! Thanks again
  4. Yeah dontpannic, I have the facelift e46 with the one fakra cable but read somewhere that you need to send phantom power down the fakra using that ebay adapter to turn on the amp. Lozevans, I'll see if I can get the amp control cable from the aftermarket to pin 16. Not sure where its going already as its part of the after market plug so its probably feeding the wrong pin at the loom plug , I'll have to take look after work and update. Thanks guys
  5. Thanks for the reply lozevans. Just to confirm is pin 16 already live with 12v and I should be attaching the blue wire from the fakra adapter to send power over the fakra coax or should I be sending power to pin 16 from the amp power out on my head unit?
  6. Hi guys, I've searched literally a hundred threads and I'm still not 100% sure so I'm hoping someone who has done this already can enlighten me. I have the newer model antenna in the e46, this is the one without the additional fakra power connector and I also have an aftermarket head unit. I get pretty bad reception and from what I've read the antenna is powered down the coax and needs the adaptor in the link below to feed 12v power down the coax to turn on the antenna amp. I found a harness diagram and I can see that pin 16 on the harness is "Turn-on (antenna+amp)". Problem is that I came across a thread where someone said they fed 12v to pin 16 on the harness and this resolved the issue as the amp is already on the loom and required power? Doesn't pin 16 output 12v to "turn on" and this is what I should be connecting the blue power wire to on the adaptor below? I guess what I'm asking is pin 16 a 12v output to turn on the amp or a 12v input to turn on the amp and if its an output will the adaptor below when linked to it power my amp? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-TRANSPORTER-2003-ONWARDS-AMPLIFIED-FAKRA-DIN-AERIAL-ADAPTER-LEAD-POWER-/401140685284?hash=item5d65d919e4:g:6jIAAOSwc1FXZ~Fm Any help would be really appreciated, this fuzzing radio is driving me crazy
  7. Thanks for the replies guys I guess I'm gonna have to take a look to be sure. I've only had the car 6 months so not very familiar with it yet. I didn't think I'd be able to see it from the engine bay but I'll take a look when I have the air filter housing off to check the breather - I'm not sure if its still the old loo roll type one so gonna have to check to see if I need to buy a vortex one. Still a little confused as to why its greyed out on realoem though when its not for other engine codes of the same model :/
  8. Hi all, First post so I'll try and keep it short - I noticed that my turbo had become louder with whine and a boost dump sound when changing gear. Whilst first panicking that my turbo was on its way out I also then noticed fumes in the cabin when at a standstill. After trailing all the forums I found it could possibly by the flexi joint on the front down pipe. So I finally managed to get the car up on stands today and found plenty of soot around the flexi joint so It looks like its the culprit. Decided I'm going to go down the decat route rather than getting a new front cat and I know these come with or without the lamba hole. Problem is I totally forgot to check if it had a lamba, I was rushing as it was getting dark. I really don't fancy pulling all the under tray and heat shielding off again to check. Does anyone know when they started putting the lamba in the 320D I heard is was possibly November 2003? Mines was built in Jan. I've put my model number from my VIN in Realoem and it shows the lamba on the diagram but its greyed out? Is this because they reuse the diagrams for different years and just grey out the parts that aren't for your model year? Realoem for my VIN - http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=AS72-EUR-01-2003-E46-BMW-320d&diagId=18_0322 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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