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  1. Hey bud! Yeah that helps a lot thankyou!
  2. Alright guys, I'm having a bit of a drama finding out the diameter of the prefacelift exhaust, I'm sure the facelift was twin pipes from the cat however mine's most certainly not. I want to have a bit of a change up with the exhaust and this seems to be the biggest hurdle. Any help would be appreciated!:)
  3. Morning, My name's Josh, I drive an X reg 330ci se. Been lurking on the forum a little while now and it's about time I introduced myself. It's a tidy little motor with a few urm.. issues haha. Since getting it in January I've done a few bits and bobs to it:). These include water pump, belts, viscous fan to electric fan, rocker cover and a couple of other bits and bobs!
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