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  1. Joe's E30 325i Sport - new engine started!

    Good to see the e30 getting some love Joe
  2. Hey Joe, sorry not been in touch re rear lights and martins headrest. Managed to detach a tendon from a bone in my foot (don't ask ) so am on crutches unable to drive for a bit. I'll sort something out soon
  3. E46 by Mazi

    Lovely job!
  4. Oh come on Joe, yours sounds the tits mate, by far the best diesel note I've heard to date!
  5. Remapping a e46 330ci convertible

    That's a hell of a lot of dosh for fairly small increase. I don't think its worth mapping N/A engines. Massive increases with 330d though
  6. e46 options, the rare ones

    Woohoo I have the rear air bags
  7. e46 options, the rare ones

  8. Who Has The Fastest 330D Then?

    Good to see another member coming from a 200sx.....I still miss mine : /
  9. Remapping a high mile 330cd

    Mine was mapped on 156k miles. No probs so far
  10. Front Wing Suppliers

    I found a mint, and I mean mint front wing for my 03 330d on a Facebook group. The guy seemed to have a load of quality bits. Meant a drive to Portsmouth though but for 40 quid already in titan silver, it was worth it Oh and it was OEM
  11. Rear speakers

    Hi all, My e46 330d has suffered with pants sounding HiFi. I've (via my good friend martin) fitted an aux cable, amp, sub and line converter. I was only ever able to use the rear speakers as although the front left door and both front tweeters work, the front right door distorted like hell. Now I'm pretty sure that prior to the install, both rear parcel shelf speakers worked, now only the rear right and the sub work. Does anyone have a cheap parcel shelf right standard speaker that they are willing to part with?. I've looked on eBay and they go for silly money ta
  12. 13 Year old EGR Valve - First ever clean!

    Bet that's gonna feel better nice job
  13. Weird noise when turning hard left

    Thanks man. Its not so much a creak but like I've driven on a rumble strip until I straighten the wheel again :/