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  1. Drop links for apex RDX?

    Hi all. I have an 03 330d msport that I I tend to fit with apex rdx. I'm aware that the standard drop links are too long and have seen on old forum posts about Hyundai coupe ones. Are these the correct ones? Thanks in advance
  2. Front strut brace

    Used strut braces from my old mk2 rs2000 on every car since (all rwd :p). I found it just tightens things up on the handling front. Maybe its just seat of the pants driving, but to me, its always made a difference. Just need to get one for my 330d
  3. Met with triggerfish for some inpa action and a drive of his and he of mine Typical, the error lights that have religiously come on since I got the car wouldn't come on today
  4. Hi all. Can anybody shed any light on these readings?. Cylinder 1 & 3 (particularly 1) look suspect being minus figures. Many thanks
  5. Headlight tints legal??

    That's great, ta. I need to get some film to do my rear side windows so will try this
  6. New forum software Aug '17

    I'm on there and I'm about as far from a chav as you can get
  7. New forum software Aug '17

    I've contacted Ben from e46 owners club and he's fine with posting a link to here. I think there's about 6.4 thousand members on it so surely some will join
  8. New forum software Aug '17

    I see your point Sam. Really font think it will do any harm though. I was part of a very active forum for Nissan 200 sx (my previous car). The forum was really busy and there's got to be a hell of a lot more bm drivers/enthusiasts then 200sx. I'll pm farcebook admin and see. Can't hurt I suppose
  9. Headlight tints legal??

    Hi all. I just went to buy some headlight tint spray and it said on the can 'for show events only, not legal for road use'. I thought they were legal?. Anyone in the know??? Ta
  10. New forum software Aug '17

    Looks great Sam. Regarding getting members/activity up. The various Facebook groups are very active, be good to tap into those groups, maybe post e46zone addy?
  11. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    Maaaaaaan that's a clean car!
  12. As above. Seen this a few times now
  13. just bought e90 330d manual pre lci

    Is the 330 mapped?
  14. just bought e90 330d manual pre lci

    How did the st do against the 330d, I'm curious
  15. Problem with xenon's. No angel eyes :/

    Thanks man