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  1. M sport mesh grille removal?

    Wondered the same thing. Got impatient and painted it with black hammerite while on the car
  2. Hi all. Installed torque app on android, odb Bluetooth jobby. Did 0-60 test, piss poor 8.4!. 2003 330d 204 but mapped. Bad figures??? Don't believe the results for a second lol. Any way to improve accuracy? Ta
  3. Confused with

    Hi all. I have a 2003 330d with obc and 6 disk changer. No HK though. My front speakers are knackered and buzz like hell so keep the stereo settings on all the sound to the back speakers. Problem I have is twofold. At low volume, I have some bass but as I turn it up, the bass completely disappears and the sound goes all trebley?. Second prob is that the radio sounds waaaaay better than when I use the CD player, its all kinda muffled like a worn out tape :/ I've got a sub and 1000w amp/line converter which when I get the balls to start pulling trim apart, I'll fit but wondered if I'll still have the weird gaining treble as volume increases thing going on. Confused :/
  4. Introduce yourself

    Good man martin mapped, it will be a different beast. Looks the tits since you cleaned it lol. We need to get some time booked to do all the boring bits (oil, filters etc), then you can help me sort my ice in mine :). My Bluetooth obd thingy should come on Thursday so we'll have a play with the torque phone app on both cars
  5. I know the obc tells lies, but even so
  6. Holy shizzle my nizzle!. Great work. Need to do mine again after only a week :/ only place I can park outside my house is under a tree that has a habit of leaking sap and pollen all over the car
  7. BMW-nutter buys first E46...

    What a lovely collection bud. Welcome
  8. Drove to Birmingham from tring so a mate could pick up a 320d. Very happy as the whole trip only cost 20 quid in diesel in my 330d
  9. Paul at Autotorque in westcott mapped it
  10. Put my e46zone stickers on today. Despite the postman's best efforts to f**k them up by screwing up the envelope to get it through the letterbox (letters on the stickers came off on the backing grrrrr), they went on OK Thanks #sam
  11. As title, just wondered. No posts since 2016
  12. Guy that mapped it did it. Took him about 20 mins. He said it was dead easy
  13. Got the 330d mapped and the shift bearing replaced. Now slots into gear smoooothly
  14. Introducing The A6

    Oh my!, that a veritable cavern of a boot!