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  1. My new 330

    It's certainly different from my 330Ci from '02. I've got the same sports seats with light tan leather, but on mine the centre section of the seat uses the same leather as the bolsters. I like yours though!  
  2. My new 330

    Well, Topaz doesn't make it any less cool - at least not to me. Great spec too.  Wish the first owner of mine had ticked just as many boxes...
  3. My new 330

    Great looking Coupé. I'm slightly jealous of your factory sunroof! I take it that's Estoril blue right?  Looks great...  
  4. E46 saloon 320d

    Not that I have any places in mind, but to make it easier for others to help you, where in the world are you and how far are you willing to travel?
  5. E46 saloon 320d

    It's very rare that the words "good" and "cheap" go together in the same sentence...
  6. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Hmmmm... personally I'm not a fan of tints.  It only really works if you either live in SoCal or of course if you're a dealer...   But we all have different taste - luckily!  That's after all what makes forums like this entertaining. But besides the tints, I reckon your Clubsport looks stunning!  Blue Velvet is a fab colour...  
  7. Another "Will they fit??"

    Be aware of what 19's will do to your ride too!  I'm not just talking about comfort either, but on anything but a perfect modern race track with a surface as smooth as a toddlers buttcheeks, I assure you that you'll get better balanced - and thereby faster - handling with 18's on your E46.  19's on a E46 are only for posers - not for drivers!  
  8. BMW-nutter buys first E46...

    Cheers guys!   Markus, please do note though, that many of those BMW's are cars I've previously owned.   I do wish I still had them all though...
  9. Another "Will they fit??"

  10. Another "Will they fit??"

    Yup! I know gold centres are like marmite. I generally like it though, but must admit that it doesn't work equally well with all colours.  But the very dark green of my Boston Metallic 330Ci would be awesome (at least in my eyes...) with gold centred alloys like these...
  11. Another "Will they fit??"

  12. Advice on discs and pads??

    Thx Fishman. Appreciate your in-depth answer. Once I decide what I go for, I'll make sure to wrap up this thread...
  13. How many miles has your E46 done?

    330Ci Sport from '02 which just hit 57,000 miles yesterday. Nice to know I should have a fair few more miles in this one before she gives up...  
  14. Another "Will they fit??"

    Thanks for a simple answer BOB_330.   I'll look for another set of 18's then...
  15. Advice on discs and pads??

    Thx Fishman.   So I take it that's a set-up you're running yourself? Those AP vented discs - are they drilled and/or grooved, or are they just regular vented discs? And regarding braided hoses, I've previously installed the same on cars that I've used for trackdays, so I do understand all the benefits they give.  But just out of interest, do you really feel it's a beneficial upgrade for a daily car that'll only be used on public roads?  I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm asking a genuine question as it's always interesting to hear someone else's perspective...