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  1. Santa

    Not a lot of people know this about Santa either... http://www.viaretro.co.uk/2017/12/does-santa-drive-a-classic/
  2. Too Much Wheel Spin

    So if that's the case, then enlighten me. Let's have your argument as to why my two statements are not factually correct. Simply stating that I am wrong is quite frankly not going to cut it...
  3. Oxford Green 330Ci Sport

    Fair and square mate. Luckily we all have varying taste - just imagine how boring it would be if we all liked the same things...
  4. Too Much Wheel Spin

    I guess it's a matter of opinion then, as I would arguably say the same about your reply...
  5. Oxford Green 330Ci Sport

    HaHaHa... I must have been so focused on those very cool center pieces to the leather seats in @daboy E46, that I totally missed looking at the rest of the interior...!! But there you go - Light Beige leather with Black Carbon Cube trim must have been a factory option then. It actually works much better together than I had expected. But still, having seen it now - I think I'll do as both @Ruesta and @Benji83 suggest, and stick with my Myrtle Wood trim. Heh... not to your liking, I take it...? The funny thing is, in the US they tend to really love their tan interiors! Even combined with white paintwork, which I honestly find a rather mis-matched combo. But here in Europe, a beige interior is often quite an acquired taste. Personally though I tend to like them as long as it's combined with a dark exterior colour such as black, dark blue, dark green or perhaps a deep burgundy of sorts. Each to his own...
  6. Estoril blue Saloon.

    Back from the days when I was heavily into trackways with my E36, I seem to vaguely recall people doing this to get a more direct and positive response from the clutch...
  7. Too Much Wheel Spin

    Well that's what you get for buying cheap coil-overs! A coil-over suspension is always going to lead to a harsher ride quality than a stock set-up. But if you buy a high quality branded product, then it really shouldn't be unbearable. With the cheap-as-chips product you have bought, I struggle to see how you could expect anything but the given result...?? You're sadly unlikely to ever achieve a decent result, but your best bet is probably to set it at it's highest setting with the softest damping possible. It's down to physics - the harder and lower you set the suspension, the less weight-transfer you will get - i.e. weight transferred to rear wheels during acceleration, the outside set of wheels during cornering and the front wheels during braking. This inevitably will lead to less traction, unless it's a high quality product which has been finely tuned & tested to your specific car. In realworld terms, a coil-over set-up is really only of any use on smooth racetracks - certainly not on British pot-holed roads.
  8. Twin exhaust on 2006 e46?

    So the facts are: 1) it was a BMW. 2) it was not a E46. 3) it had twin exhausts with one barrel either side. There are a few options to choose from, but maybe a '78 - '82 BMW 323i E21...??
  9. Brads E46 M3

    Definitely silver grey with black hoses. Looks stealth...
  10. Oxford Green 330Ci Sport

    My thoughts exactly Ruesta. Well, mostly because I'm just not too sure that the beige leather and the black cube will compliment each other particularly well. Though I would still love to see an example of beige with cube if anyone has that combo...
  11. 330d m/sport

    No worries @sunnyd
  12. 330d m/sport

    Okay, so from the centre of the wheel badge to the arch is 360mm on the front and 345mm on the rear. Not sure if the rear measurement is of any use to you, as arches may be different from coupe to touring.
  13. 330d m/sport

    Definitely been lowered! Here's my stock Sport suspension... If need be, I could try measuring the distance from tyre to wheel arch for you. Is yours on coilovers?
  14. Oxford Green 330Ci Sport

    Arrrrggghhhhhhh..... Don't do this to me! I had just settled into having the Myrtle Wood. I was content. And then you go a throw a curb-ball like that, thoroughly knocking me on my arse... Hmmmmm... think I need to give this some thought. If the rest of my interior had been any other colour than Light Beige, then I would have definitely taken you up on that offer ASAP!! Just looking at the trim options on their own, I much prefer the Black Carbon Cube over the Myrtle Wood. But I'm just not too sure how the Cube trim will look combined with the Light Beige Leather, and even more so combined with the beige dashboard and doorcards?? Was the combo of Light Beige and Black Carbon Cube even an option from the factory?? Does anyone by any chance have any pics of a Light Beige E46 interior with the Cube trim?
  15. Oxford Green 330Ci Sport

    Cheers mate! - appreciate it... The beige leather makes the interior a very pleasant and inviting place to be. Not as teutonic as BMW's typical black interiors often end up being. Though I wasn't too sure about the Myrtle wood trim at first. But then again, I'm not sure any of the other trim options would have really suited the Light Beige Leather as well. I usually quite like the Black Cube trim on a E46, but it really goes best with a black or grey interior - heh.. or if the first owner was brave enough to tick the box for a Red interior! At least I vastly prefer the Myrtle Wood over the very light Birch Wood trim. So all in all I guess the Myrtle Wood trim will stay. Now I'm just waiting for Sytner's to text me that my latest purchase of new parts has arrived for me to pick up...