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  1. Budget Track Day Car

    Cool, my girlfriend's dad trade is welding so hoping to call in a favour as I've never welded. Don't suppose you can point me in the direction of any good DIYs?
  2. Budget Track Day Car

    Yep, going to need to weld some reinforcement plates. Is Reddish the best one? There's a couple of cheaper alternatives (GT automotive, ATEch MotorSport) on ebay.
  3. Budget Track Day Car

    Can't find any pictures but I have found this: Bootfloor is cracked on the nearside. Can hear it creaking when I come on and off the power :-(
  4. Budget Track Day Car

    I bought the DS2500 on Ebay for £116. I only did the front as the rear doesn't get as hot and I'm on a budget! I can't compare them to yellow EBC as they are my first track pads. I'm very happy with the improvement in breaking performance over road pads (normal Pagid). That is my car cooling down in between sessions! Looking forward to pictures.
  5. Budget Track Day Car

    Yeah, I'm really gutted about the gravel rash. Bedford was dry and sunny, perfect conditions. NS-2Rs were awesome, so much grip, could keep up/catch up faster cars in the bends. DS2500 pads were great as well, much better on track: they squeak a lot on the road and don't brake really well when cold. I had an awesome time, much easier to drive in the dry! PS: Where did you see the pictures? I can't find them?
  6. Budget Track Day Car

    Took a few pictures. The brake duct scooped up a fair bit of gravel: There even was some in the scuttle panel: And on the window trim: And jammed into the tyre: Had to get a screwdriver to prize those pieces out! She got pretty dirty: Close up: Found quite a bit of gravel underneath the body: Took a few pictures of the gravel damage. Not too bothered about the track alloys: Was thinking of painting them black at some point. The worst is in the rear sills: The near side has lots of impacts: Action shots: Not 100% decided about converting this one to a track slag. I've spent thousands on her! Would prefer to track a cheap one! It is forecast showers, do you reckon I'm better off on road tyres?
  7. Budget Track Day Car

    Donnington evening session was awesome. It was way more wet and greasy than I expected. I should have used my road tyres as the Nankangs were useless in the wet! I did the first stint with the traction control on to get a feel for the track. Had it fully off after that. Hardly any grip so the back slid out regularly but I wanted to practice controlling it. Got over confident a few times and span off into the grass a couple of times! That was nothing compared to when I put the power down too early coming out of Coppice though, tank slapper, a good driver could have saved it with smooth steering inputs but I got scared, grabbed steering like a Neanderthal, over corrected and the car span the other way: went hurtling towards the barriers and thought sh!t, I've just totaled my car. Then I hit the gravel trap, it was so noisy and I sh@t myself coz I thought the car was going to flip but the gravel did its job. Kept me the right way up and off the barriers! Thankfully she wasn't beached and I could sheepishly drive back to the pits so no red flag. The gravel damaged the paintwork so I'm wounded. But I actually enjoyed the wet session more than the dry session I did at Rockingham. It was way harder and slower but because I reached the limit at much lower speed, I actually had time to get a feel for the car's balance and grip. I learned way more and got a lot smoother. I'm going to Bedford tonight.
  8. Budget Track Day Car

    I've taken her to Rockingham before; it was awesome fun but I was a bit worried about losing back end so didn't push her right to the limit. Soiled myself everytime I went near the wall! Agreed about 4 door 330; can't believe how cheap they are; loads of 325s but I've got my heart set on the 330: want the extra 30 bhp and bigger brake calipers!
  9. Budget Track Day Car

    Thanks for the advice mate, that's very useful. Unfortunately the car had a blown head gasket. So annoyed with trader for letting me drive 100 miles to waste my time! I'm still looking for a cheap 330 for track work but in the meantime I'm taking my daily 2005 330Ci to Donnington 29 June evening session (book a track). It's stock but I've bought some NS-2Rs, Ferodo 2500 pads and new pagid discs so should be able to have some fun. Thinking about doing Bedford on 10th July as well. EDIT: PS: Nice driving! I'd be so happy if I overtook an M3. Nearly bought one but couldn't justify running costs!
  10. Budget Track Day Car

    Hi gchristofi, cool thread! I'm looking to do the same a you: just put a holding deposit on a 330i SE saloon to convert as a track slag. To start with I'm just going to service it, strip it, yellow pads and discs, and put NS-2Rs all round. I'll give that a try on track but having driven an SE as a daily I know the suspension is a bit wallowy (nice and comfy for road but too soft for track). I'm on a budget as well so will take time to save up and do mods as I go along. What suspension mod would you do first? anti rolls bars, coilovers, powerflex bushes? Thanks for your help!