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  1. Budget Track Day Car

    I've taken her to Rockingham before; it was awesome fun but I was a bit worried about losing back end so didn't push her right to the limit. Soiled myself everytime I went near the wall! Agreed about 4 door 330; can't believe how cheap they are; loads of 325s but I've got my heart set on the 330: want the extra 30 bhp and bigger brake calipers!
  2. Budget Track Day Car

    Thanks for the advice mate, that's very useful. Unfortunately the car had a blown head gasket. So annoyed with trader for letting me drive 100 miles to waste my time! I'm still looking for a cheap 330 for track work but in the meantime I'm taking my daily 2005 330Ci to Donnington 29 June evening session (book a track). It's stock but I've bought some NS-2Rs, Ferodo 2500 pads and new pagid discs so should be able to have some fun. Thinking about doing Bedford on 10th July as well. EDIT: PS: Nice driving! I'd be so happy if I overtook an M3. Nearly bought one but couldn't justify running costs!
  3. Budget Track Day Car

    Hi gchristofi, cool thread! I'm looking to do the same a you: just put a holding deposit on a 330i SE saloon to convert as a track slag. To start with I'm just going to service it, strip it, yellow pads and discs, and put NS-2Rs all round. I'll give that a try on track but having driven an SE as a daily I know the suspension is a bit wallowy (nice and comfy for road but too soft for track). I'm on a budget as well so will take time to save up and do mods as I go along. What suspension mod would you do first? anti rolls bars, coilovers, powerflex bushes? Thanks for your help!