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  1. HELP NEEDED abs issue

    My handbreak light and abs light is on plus the telltale light in the center. I might try looking at the abs rings to see if they could be the issue
  2. Hi it's my first time posting here so please be nice lol I recently been having an issue with my 2003 e46 320d the abs trifecta lights are on I scanned the car and it said that the rear drivers side sensor was not reading at all so I replaced it (did not fix the issue) I had another 320d for track use with all the sensors and abs module workin ok at first I tought I had gotten a faulty new sensor as it was quite cheap so I tried one from my track car still no joy Tired swapping the abs module and no joy Scanned the car multiple times with different equipment ranging from cheap bluetooth obd plugins right up to a snap on kit in a garrage and no faults showing I. Running out of ideas and really just need the lights off for mot I was considering wiring the 3 lights to the check engine light so it would go of once that does after staring the carea but I really don't know which wire it is and can't find a diagram anywhere for it any help at this stage would be very much appreciated weather is a prover fix or a bodge