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  1. I have come to the conclusion that I won't be getting these wheels now, I don't think I'd be comfortable with a 215 or even a 225 on the back. I would put minimum 235/35 and that would be on a 9.5j as well.
  2. Cheers for this Daz, much appreciated. Photobucket have indeed f**ked everything up, so annoying!! I do like the 32s but I my only concern which is stopping me from getting these wheels is running a 215 tyre on the back which I understand is required to make them wheels work. I just think its too skinny and fact that I have a 330ci makes it worse as your playing with more power which imo requires a bigger tyre. I am currently running 255/30/19 so would really feel it having a 215 on the back, what's your opinion on this?
  3. I appreciate this will have been covered many times before, however I have gone through the past topics but can't find a definitive answer. I am looking at getting a staggered set of style 32's for my 330ci facelift. It's currently on coilovers but not slammed by any means, just slightly lower than eibach sportlines. Will these wheels (rear 9j/et 22 & front 8j/et20) fit my coupe without rubbing, arches have never been touched and I don't plan to. I am happy to run max negative camber on the rear stock arms as I currently have but I don't want to roll the arches etc. Tyres, I am thinking 215/40/18 for both the rear and front., fronts could also be 205/40/18. Would I get rubbing with this set up, considering the max neg camber, the tyre stretch and being slightly lowered to rid of the arch gap. Thanks
  4. Sorry to hear, it might be due to the oil from cone filter . Some people say that the oiled cone filters mess up the MAF sensor if you put too much oil on them. Reading back through this thread, are you sure that the AFE filter you have is 100% the oiled one? Because I note you mentioned that the previous owner never oiled it? I have the dry one so I've never experienced any issues with an oiled filter and it causing any problems with the MAF sensor. If the MAF is completely f**ked then unfortunately it will have to be replaced (their not that cheap either), alternatively you could try giving it a clean and run with the stock airbox for abit to see if anything changes, have any lights flagged on the dash? Hopefully others can shed some light on this as well.
  5. I don't think they're worth it to be honest, from what I've heard they don't give any real gains, just something fancy to have under the hood I guess. The AFE induction kit already incorporates good use of the stock air snorkel so I think it should be ok as it is.
  6. Yep check the lower intake boot, had this code on mine and it turned out to be the little elbow on the lower boot. Worth having a little feel there to see if it's split at the outer part of the bend.
  7. Glad you like it mate. Get the exhaust on there as well and you'll be sorted
  8. Got this problem on my e39 525i, would be good to know why it does that.
  9. Get some pics up of the sportlines, must look good.
  10. A far as I know, the dry filter is called 'Pro Dry S' and is a grey colour, the oiled one is called 'Pro 5R' and is a blue colour.... Yours looks more grey in the photo but you say it's not "overly oily" which makes me think it might be the oiled one which has just lost its colour due to being used. The dry one should not have any oil on it whatsoever... How can the previous owner not be sure what one it is? If he had never re-oiled it then it must be a dry one which can simply be cleaned in water and left to dry before fitting. Check out the AFE website as they have all the info and instructions on there.
  11. 76mm is the perfect size tips for the M Sport diffuser, the 70mm look took stock in my opinion, and the 83mm are on the big side, I've seen both, it's all personal preference at the end of the day but trust me 76mm is perfect and suits the car. In terms of sound, there's only two options, sport and race, the sport I hear is very similar to the stock sound level, so I didn't bother with that, the race is not as loud as you might think and I'm very glad I went with it otherwise I would have been disappointed. Even the Race sounds fairly quiet at first and you might not notice much difference but after getting some miles on it (around 1500 I'd say) it opens up and the sound becomes deeper and richer, I think it goes well with a rear resonator delete but if I were you I would get just the backbox first, let that break in and see how it sounds and then think about removing the resonator and/or secondary cats if you want it louder. Again its all personal preference as what I might find quiet you might find loud. But if your spending that much on an exhaust I'm sure you would want it a louder than stock and that's why I suggest going for the race.
  12. No worries... I never got a remap as funds became low, but having read other posts/forums I'm not sure how much difference a remap on the 330ci would make, as a lot of people say it's not worth it, however with the exhaust/CAI it may be a different story.
  13. I went for the eisenmann race 2x 76mm tips. I got mine from MStyle, based in Romford, Essex... I got the backbox fitted by them and removed the rear resonator at the same time. It's got a really nice growl to it and some would say it's loud enough but personally I'm thinking of deleting the secondary cats as well, that way it will be straight pipe from the headers all the way to the eisenmann backbox. These exhausts are fairly tame on our cars when just cruising, but it can drone a bit when going uphill...doesn't bother me tbh.. But when you give it some the sound comes alive and its awesome. The AFE and eisnemann goes well together.
  14. In my personal opinion, it was worth it, both for the sound that it gives (nice roar) and the performance gain, I know a lot of people will say its all a placebo effect, but honestly I felt a slight difference, but definitely not the 20+ bhp they claim, however at the same time I did get an eisenmann exhaust so not sure if my gains were a combination of both. All in all I think it's a good upgrade, I did a lot of research on CAI's when I was looking to get one and the AFE stage 1 stood out above the rest. I've got the dry filter, just requires a clean when dirty and can be reused so you don't have to buy drop in filters again.
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