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  1. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Thanks, I think the tints look quite good tbh.....what % of tint is that?
  2. LED front indicator bulbs?

    Oh ok, will probably change mine in that case. Cheers for the info mate.
  3. Another "Will they fit??"

    LJColeman - I think 19" look better if your lowered, they have a good range of offsets on those wheels, but it all depends on whether arches are rolled etc. If not then fronts you could go for 8.5 et35 and rears I would go for the 9.5 et40. Tbh I'm not entirely sure how far you could push the offsets if you have the arches rolled. 
  4. Scuffmaster Leather Repair

    Good guide, will give this a go myself
  5. Advice on discs and pads??

    Thanks for the info.
  6. Advice on discs and pads??

    How often should the brake fluid be changed?
  7. Replacing Lower Intake Boot (M54)

    Yh I remember when I changed my lower intake boot, took much longer than I anticipated, always the smallest of jobs which cause the most hassle! I know that the DISA valve makes a noise on mine but is only noticeable when you pay attention to it. I think if its knackered then the engine light usually comes on, yours is probably ok I guess.
  8. Another "Will they fit??"

    Do these wheels come as 19" as well ?
  9. Faded Door Mirror Surrounds

    I shall give that a go
  10. Another "Will they fit??"

    Really nice wheels them, shame about the offsets though.
  11. Faded Door Mirror Surrounds

    Sprayed mine gloss black, looks much better now, one side was a grey colour before, not sure if it was faded or what. Can't get these stupid spiders out of the wing mirrors though, has become a regular thing having to remove spider webs everytime I use the car now lol.
  12. Another "Will they fit??"

    What wheels were they? 
  13. Replacing Lower Intake Boot (M54)

    That noise could well be the DISA valve, it's normal for it to do that when you switch the car off.
  14. [DIY] Replace Valve Cover Gasket

    Ok, thanks, I wouldn't have thought so seeing as though if everything is has been put back right and torqued once, it should be fine.
  15. Another "Will they fit??"

    No, fronts will fit but will stick out abit, rears will most likely rub, even on standard suspension when you go over bumps, have 2 people in the back etc, the 255 tyre makes this worse.  With those wheel/tyre sizes, without any arch mods, you'll be better off with et30 on the front and et35 on the rear, you shouldn't then get any issues.