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  1. Rear windows won't shut on key fob??

    Same here as well, would be interesting to know why?
  2. Lol I chuckled at the fact that they couldn't do the health check because your car was to low, although I shouldn't laugh because I know if mine was a few mm lower I probably would have had the same issue. But I suppose we got to sacrifice some things for being low
  3. Need Help With Lowering

    No worries mate
  4. Need Help With Lowering

    No they will not cause any rubbing with standard wheels. They don't drop the coupes 40mm as coupes come with sports suspension as standard which is approx 15mm lower than standard. It seems as though you are talking about the eibach pro-sport springs (black ones?) which don't go as low as the sportlines, if they say 40mm then you will actually be looking at 25mm front and around 5 - 10mm rear. Lowering springs don't go as low, max 35mm up front and 15mm rear which you can achieve with the sportlines, however with coilovers you can go lower even with stock wheels as the wheel offsets are high which make them sit further in the arches, but if you put wheel spaces on then you may get some rubbing with coilovers depending how low you go.
  5. Need Help With Lowering

    Yes, Eibach springs are designed to be used with standard shocks as well. I was previously running their sportline (red ones) lowering springs on my coupe with standard shocks and experienced no significant issues, although as with any lowering springs they are likely to reduce the life of the standard shocks in the long term due to being lower and putting slightly more stress on the components. I wasn't particularly happy with the rear drop (about 10mm) so ended up changing for coilovers.
  6. Is it basically the backbox with both the resonator and secondary cats replaced with straight piping? Or are there any resonators still in place. Cheers
  7. What exhaust was you running there, sounds mad?

    Any help guys? Cheers
  9. Berts' 330i SE

    Not bad, I need to get mine done as well as I have had the letter come through. Do you just simply take it to your nearest BMW centre and they check it out for you there and then? Is it a long wait?

    I'm thinking of painting the rear diffuser gloss black on my facelift coupe m-sport. Firstly, is the rear diffuser easy to remove as this would make it much easier to paint, any help on how to remove the diffuser would be much appreciated. Secondly, is the rear diffuser already painted from factory or is it just black plastic so to speak? Therefore would any primer need to be applied before painting gloss black? Cheers
  11. Recall letter

    Yep had the letter come through early this week, have not properly read it yet so not sure what the procedure is but will give them a call to get it sorted out.
  12. Sure sounds like you have had one hell of a bad experience there, apologies to hear. Your correct about ECP though, they are absolutely useless. Having said that, when my alternator went a few months back, I was considering the RTX because it was new, but ended up going for a reconditioned Bosch, I think it was 120amp or something like that and it was from ECP, touch wood it been alright since.
  13. Introduce yourself

    Beautiful motor there Scott, as I was reading your post I was thinking this sounds exactly like myself i.e. age, time of ownership, year of car etc.....Lol, only difference is I've got a 330ci. Your e46 is sitting really nice, I assume it's on coilovers? I also noticed the side skirt and front splitters, they look sweet!
  14. Wanted - CAI induction kit

    Looking for a CAI Induction kit, preferably an AFE stage 1 ProDryS but will consider others. Thanks
  15. Looking for advise on which CAI Induction Kits are the best for a 330ci? Not necessarily looking for performance gains as I understand they won't be much (if any) from a CAI but more so looking for the sound gains. Cheers