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  1. Wow - I wish someone wrote everything down like that when I come up with an idea!
  2. I thought you'd swapped a tyre you had already Kirky. This is my problem I've got two sets of wheels and tyres and want to swap the Michelins on to my Style 32s.
  3. My near side rear light cracked as well and filled with water. Doing my boot refresh this month and will be looking for the same issue. Thanks for detailing this.
  4. How much did they charge you to do this - my local wants ridiculous sums of money...
  5. Brilliant. On my list of places to go in my E46
  6. These cars are getting on, they’re not bullet proof but there’s a huge bank of knowledge out there. You like the car, go for it.. It will need work done. It’s part of keeping these things alive and well. Good luck
  7. I swapped my interior, not hard, won’t take long and you can pick up pieces cheap on the bay. I totally agree the seats are ridiculously heavy, but you’ve got a nice car there... go for it,
  8. Always enjoy your updates Kirky. Mine’s in for paint next week. Will have to update my thread.
  9. Lovely looking motor. I'd be looking for some different OEM rims, but that's just me
  10. CoupEdin


  11. Don’t bother Humzah. It was a marketing gimmick imo - I’ve got HK but they don’t sound good at all. I’ve since upgraded them. I think I’m right in saying that the HK speakers are a different impedance ohms so they’re not even plug and play in to your SE
  12. Ah that's how mines started - used some of that spray when it started lasting longer than 10 seconds. Now it's definitely needing doing...
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