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  1. I thought you'd swapped a tyre you had already Kirky. This is my problem I've got two sets of wheels and tyres and want to swap the Michelins on to my Style 32s.
  2. My near side rear light cracked as well and filled with water. Doing my boot refresh this month and will be looking for the same issue. Thanks for detailing this.
  3. How much did they charge you to do this - my local wants ridiculous sums of money...
  4. Brilliant. On my list of places to go in my E46
  5. These cars are getting on, they’re not bullet proof but there’s a huge bank of knowledge out there. You like the car, go for it.. It will need work done. It’s part of keeping these things alive and well. Good luck
  6. I swapped my interior, not hard, won’t take long and you can pick up pieces cheap on the bay. I totally agree the seats are ridiculously heavy, but you’ve got a nice car there... go for it,
  7. Always enjoy your updates Kirky. Mine’s in for paint next week. Will have to update my thread.
  8. Lovely looking motor. I'd be looking for some different OEM rims, but that's just me
  9. CoupEdin


  10. Don’t bother Humzah. It was a marketing gimmick imo - I’ve got HK but they don’t sound good at all. I’ve since upgraded them. I think I’m right in saying that the HK speakers are a different impedance ohms so they’re not even plug and play in to your SE
  11. Ah that's how mines started - used some of that spray when it started lasting longer than 10 seconds. Now it's definitely needing doing...
  12. So I've fitted a button bar and wired everything in - but haven't yet coded this. Now I'm wondering if my MK60 is the right version.... My white DSC sticker has a part number 34.51 6 759 045 - but RealOEM can't seem to find this, however I try and enter it. I know the OP states 'facelift cars' have MK60 DSC but I think I do, I also checked on my dash and there's a light on the dash which illuminates when I run that sequence to get them all to light up. Anyone know?
  13. Thanks Scott but a bit rich for my blood I'm afraid.
  14. Very good - how did you do that?! (I've got clear indicators and amber side repeaters too...)
  15. I saw a comment the other day - 'hearing a new sound, and wondering how much it will cost to sort'!My aux belt makes a shocking noise - old ladies stopping and staring as I drive past. My AC also makes a noise when it's engaged so I'm going to take the plunge and do the whole lot on Monday. All part of the fun.
  16. Thanks Tim, very useful - I'm looking forward to doing the whole lot on Bank Holiday Monday. Supercharger next month... hopefully.
  17. If someone could tell me/show me how to post pics I'll add some more photos.
  18. Just ordered through a family member in the the trade with BMW discount: Both rear boot plastics - the side pieces, mine are faded and scratched. Also the lateral trim panel across the area the boot closes on as that's scratched too. On order are the black 'ashtray console' and the beige 'handbrake console' plus new OEM velour mats. Scuttle panel below the wipers Car's booked in next month for paint: Front bumper Bonnet Front N/S wing Rear bumper New Calearo FM/AM & DAB sharkfin aerial. Replaced the mesh grill at the front and cleaned it all up - really brings it back up to date. Found an Alpine TUA100 DAB tuner for sensible money which works through the Intravee which is easy to fit, but I'll do that when I do the boot plastics. Got an M3 full button console - that I think you can see in the pics. I've wired in the TPMS retrofit and need to code that next. For the Sport button I've come up with a plan; replace it with a PDC button so I can switch the annoying PDC gong off if I want to - say when I'm on the phone to someone... Got all the parts and hope to get to this at the weekend. Planning for my supercharger fit currently, this means: CCV rebuild DISA valve New tensioners - aux and AC - car's 85k miles and 17 years. New AC belt - mine whines New water pump New expansion tank New thermostat Love my E46 - the herd is really thinning but I enjoy driving it every time.
  19. Completely agree - social media is useless for build threads. My next challenge is trying to refit my rear 'door' cards - mine's a coupe, so no rear doors, but you'll know what I mean. I took both of them off to fit the Bavsound Stage 1 speakers and I just cannot get either of them back on.
  20. Thanks for getting back to me Scott. If I'm sending you my OEM struts - you need €230 for the springs, covers and ends? I've already got the blue springs 32 x20 as well as the OEM ejector bump stops.
  21. That’s very helpful. Thank you. Out of interest did it continue to work OK, once installed?
  22. I'm tempted to do this to my 330CI Sport too. Would you recommend it? And how long did it take to fit? Cheers
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