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  1. What Have You Done To Your Car Today? Volume 2

    Called car disposal because got make way for new car. R.I.P 320d going away Tuesday.
  2. E46 320 D gearbox swap 5spd to 6spd

    on the same subject what costs of the conversation?
  3. Introduce yourself

    Welcome and your lucky 🍀 my 320D still dying and Surging. Luckily I have two other cars.
  4. PDC mystery

    Nothing at all.
  5. PDC mystery

    I followed the advice on previous posts about PDC not working. So far I have tried the following: Installation of new PDC Control unit I found no fuse 5 amp fuse so installed another 5 amp in location 24 according to the diagram for fusebox. And cleaned and replaced one broken pdc sensor. Only things I can think of is one sensor has a lose connection or the speaker near footwell light is dead. Anything else it could be?
  6. Post your car memes

    Okay yes true. But no meme?
  7. Post your car memes

    Rules are simple post funny car memes.
  8. Torque Lite OBD App Android not Connecting

  9. Bumper parts

  10. E46 M3 mirrors

    I'm thinking of changing my standard electric mirrors on my 320D for M3 variant is it fairly straightforward?
  11. Car sale to Poland

    So this must be a valid excuse.
  12. Clubsport won't start.

    Just proves when comes to electronic parts new is best. This was the exact reason why my 320D was surging and not Starting during the hot summer day because the previous owner did not want to spend £14 on a new fuel ⛽ relay from BMW.
  13. Ac-Schnitzer Remap

    Or Bleeding Money 💵 like Jay Leno. 😉
  14. Car sale to Poland

    My other theory would of been anyone who is living here and from Eastern Europe use the car here but with foreign number plates and beat the speed traps 😁
  15. Ac-Schnitzer Remap

    Because I want an answer no matter how vague the question is