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  1. WDS has the attached in it for adaptive lighting. This looks light 'proper' direction changing lamps rather than the corner lights though. Can't find the corner lights at the moment. The direction appears to be from the DSC steering angle sensor as the control unit is hooked in to the CAN H&L lines. Corner Lighting.pdf
  2. The glass comes bonded to the steel upper frame. It's a fiddly job disconnecting all the wiring and aligning the glass after, but it's all proper connectors, no soldering! Look at TIS for the instructions....
  3. Used shafts 'should' be okay. It'll take longer but it should be possible to cut the nut most of the way through with a dremel then crack with a chisel punch and hammer it to remove. It may nick the threads, but as long as the damage is minor I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Yeah, I get a bit of discount at my local dealer
  5. I tried them, £5 cheaper, but I decided it was worth it to avoid couriers denting stuff and pretending itwas pristine when I received it.....
  6. Just to conclude this thread. I bought a 'platinum panel' from ECP. The fit at the front and rear was good, but the shape on the bonnet line was terrible. I ended up returning it, and have now bought a genuine one from the dealer . I Paid £172 inc VAT, as a reference for anyone considering this. Not cheap, but at least I know it will fit........
  7. Cheers, Unfortunately, BMMini can no longer supply wings. Would have been a useful saving.
  8. I've had a search of the forum, but can't find much since 2015. Who do people recommend to supply replacement front wings for tourings/saloons? I've just bought a 330i touring and it has a few paint issues. One of the front wings has gone, and both bumpers need some love, so I'm planning on getting it all sprayed together. I'm normally an OE guy, but at £177 from Cotswolds I'm considering pattern parts if anyone can recommend somewhere that does decent quality parts, which fit like OE? Cheers
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