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  1. Yeah, if you have the inclination/time/ability, definitely do it properly. By the time I'd figured it all out with rebuilding headlight units, dying bulbs, and programming, I'd had enough.
  2. As long as it's facelift, it should physically fit. Like you said, you'll have to recode your LCM (light control module) to xenons. Now this is where it gets interesting; if they're bi-xenon then the xenon has a solenoid to move the reflector for dipped or full beams. To activate this, you will need to make a Y-split cable that goes from the regular halogen main beam to the solenoid controller. For this you will need a couple of 9005 extension cables, and couple of parking sensor connectors. Will work fine without the extra cable, but you won't get high beam xenons. The website I got the info from is no longer being hosted unfortunately. Also, top tip: if your xenons still flicker after coding the LCM, the bulbs need replacing. £40 each from halfords I think, or £25 a pair from ebay for some off-brand ones. 99d4c287-555e-490d-86c7-78925fe86baf.jfif
  3. Thanks for the confirmation and link. Yeah, I've trawled realoem, It's a little unclear sometimes. I had searched the forum too.
  4. I am buying M3 seats to go in my facelift m-sport touring as I want heated seats and lumbar support. Currently I have electric memory, but no heating or lumbar. I know I need to buy a centre console with the correct buttons (heated seats, DSC, Harmon Kardon buttons). Are they all the same for coupe/salloon/touring/m3? Thought I'd seen somewhere the whole panel was 1 piece, and also a modular 1 with an individual hole/blank for each button. I know that salloon/touring parts are often different to coupe/cab, and M3 is different all on it's own a lot of the time. Also, does anyone know which loom I'd need for the heated seats from the switch panel to the seat? I've been told lumbar just requires fused 12v from anywhere.
  5. Maybe not on this forum, but it's definitely been done. Just not with the manual gear box.
  6. Basic plan: E53 X5 4.8i V8 engine and E39 4.4i manual gearbox, in E46 touring. Yes, I know it's probably a stupid idea not worth the hassle, buy an M3/M5 etc etc. Labor (including fabrication) will be my own, along with a little help from friends. I know it has been done in the past with the 4.4i and fitted quite well, but the 4.8i is that much more powerful and can be picked up relatively cheaply. Short of spending significantly more on an M5 engine, this seems like the less expensive way to get almost as much power for much less money. This is very much a project I would undertake when opportunity/time/space/cash-flow allows. Note: 4.8i was not available for 5 series, only x5, and only in auto (as far as my research has shown). M3/5 touring never existed. M3 engine in a touring has been done to death. I'm not a fan of auto boxes, flappy paddles would be acceptable though. Please don't suggest modding or turboing a smaller engine, as I plan to do that to the 4.8 at a later date anyway. Avoiding new/older series engines as these are more likely to give compatibility hassle electrically. Does anyone have input on the technicalities and the how? Nevermind the why... unless you know of a better combo that isn't an M engine or much more expensive. Concerns are: Which ECU Which rear end / front end Reinforcing rear chassis Please keep an open mind and try to be constructive with criticism.
  7. UPDATE: Had the pro out again, he changed various settings and was very patient. He concluded it wasn't coding and that due to the inconsistency of the flickering it was likely the ballasts. I did some googling and it could be bulbs, ballasts, or igniters. Started with a cheap set of Lumex bulbs for £25 a pair and that fixed it. What a relief! The old bulbs had powdery white stuff around the filament inside the bulb. Could have been handled badly by the courier (myHermes) and the bulbs unsealed and corroded. Could have just been very old. Tried using P-Soft. The trial that came with my cable (from BC Cables) works, but the version downloaded from BMW scanner does not. It's discontinued now too, so tracking down software that still works its difficult.
  8. Sorry to zombie this thread but my retrofit is driving me mad.... 2003 330D facelift Already have headlight washers. Also lights move up and down when turned on. Does this mean I have auto adjust? Fitted OEM xenons, lights constantly flickered. Mate Coded LCM to Xenons, lights stopped flickering but would randomly turn on and off or just turn off. Called out a pro, Turned auto levelling off, lights turn off after a few minutes. Unfortunately, didn't realise until the next day. I think I had the dynamic turned off, maybe not. Is there anything else it could be? Didn't fit auto levelling (HVAC) sensors, had a quick look but couldn't see them on the suspension. Thanks in advance.
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