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  1. Thanks Rasa, but as above, had both centre and front flex disc changed so unfortumayely not that. I'm thinking maybe Turbo, Or the Cat choking (clutching at straws)
  2. Thanks , but not that. Had centre and front bearings done.
  3. Hi, have a 2006 remapped E46, when foot hard down on accelerator at around 2000 revs I get an ominous rumble from somewhere under the car. only does this with foot hard down,with gentle use of throttle car will accelerate through Rev range with no noise. any ideas?? regards.
  4. Hi guys, I have a 2006 E46 330 CD, Can anyone tell me if this model has a mirror control module and where it's located. The mirrors are manual fold,heated,electrical adjust. many thanks.
  5. Hi,thanks, have sorted the problem,managed to dig my way through to the motor and discovered a corroded plug,cleaned , replaced,all is good in the wiper world once more. untill the next problem!!!
  6. Guys, have an ongoing issue with intermittent windscreen wipers. Have checked fuse and replaced relay. Wipers sometimes work ,sometimes don't. Have taken it to BMW main dealer twice,both times wipers were reported to be working,they don't seem able to fault find an intermittent snag if the diagnostics say no fault. Is there a control module,and if so where is it located. Have browsed the net but had no joy. any advice would be gratefully received . BR. Fez
  7. Hi Guys, Any idea how to adjust the Sat Nav volume on my E46.
  8. sorry yes was a bit vague, hard to describe noise .It sounds like when you hit rumble strip on motorway, plus a bit of whistling. But I think your right, might be easier to have mechanic have a listen. cheers anyway.
  9. Sorry,yes the one touch up/down. Only seems to operate one touch down. Wondering if this is normal for this model.
  10. 2006 E46 330CD. When in top gear cruising around 60-70, when put foot hard down on accelerator hear a brrrrmmmmm rumbling noise ( quite loud ) from engine until I lift off. Is this just over fuelling or something more sinister. any suggestions on what it might be. cheers guys.
  11. Quick Question. On the 330CD,does the window auto up/down on pax and driver side operation work on the 2006 model. Have tried a reset but only operates auto down.
  12. Hi Guys, another Newbie here. Have purchased 2006 330cd M sport Convertible. Mirror adjustment only operates the right hand side from both switch positions. Left hand mirror operates in Reverse gear mode, (tilts down when gear lever in Reverse,) but does not reset once back in Fwd. gears. Any ideas would be welcome.
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