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  1. Hi I am after 2, 4.8i metal badges if anyone has any for sale. Thanks. Andy
  2. I like many others read as much as I could on all the forums about the auto gearbox oil change on sealed for life units. I have an E46 330i M sport 2002 which has the ZF 5HP19 5 speed box. I have today had the oil, filter, magnets, bolts, plugs replaced. Car has done 118500 miles. I got the full kit including Meyle oil from ebay. After all the reading I decided to use the recommended Esso/ Mobil LT ATF oil. I will sell the other oil. It took just over 4 litres of oil without the torque converter. Drove the car around straight after change and it does feel slightly crisper with the changes. I had it done at my local garage, who charged me £88 for labour. Kit cost me £119.00 with oil. The Esso/Mobil oil cost me about £10.50 a litre, a very good price again off ebay. Should get back at least £75 for unused oil. BMW wanted £345 to change oil, or £240 just for the oil. They did ask why you want to change it? Sealed for life but were very helpful. One thing to note is that garage did find some small metal filings on magnets but nothing serious. I would recommend changing the oil, I intend to keep the car for a few years yet and it's given me a little peace of mind. Any future issues with box and I will give an update immediately. Make your own minds up but do your research with the latest feed back possible.
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