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  1. Hi All, I own a 2004 330cd (sport coupe). Had my car in for a MOT (annual check) and my PDC had been intermittent so I decided to ask the local Indy to install the sensor. The previous owner had given me a painted sensor to replace my outer left sensor with which I had diagnosed as the problem a year or so ago using INPA. However, after replacing the sensor, the long beep when going into reverse has now gone. However the pdc is not beeping at objects behind the car i.e in front of the sensors. I plugged into INPA again now and the middle two sensors are reading normally and the outer two are reading 100 inch showing full black bars. I am confused to why the long beep has gone, like the PDC is working again. Before, when the PDC was intermittent, the beep was my way of telling it it was working or not. Let me know what I can do next before I take the bumper of and replace the two sensors. P.S. all 4 sensors click when testing.
  2. Hi All, I had a mechanic replace my clutch and flywheel on my 330cd (204bhp M57n) and whilst doing this he managed to catch the lambda sensor cable in between the bellhousing and the gearbox. We replaced the lambda sensor and some faults appeared. However, after googling these errors, they were from one of the fuses in the ECU fusebox (the second 20amp fuse) and this cleared most the codes. However, one code remains: "4205 - Lambda Sensor Heating -Short Circuit to B+" Now I have replaced the sensor and no other errors are there. Also my MPG has dropped, and I am guessing it is due to the above error. After clearing it reappears immediately. Any help will be appreciated!
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