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  1. Black 330d Sport Touring

    I got them from, H7 Nighteye 6500k at least that was what I thought I was getting, what turned up was unbranded in an unbranded box but they work fine and seem well built.
  2. Black 330d Sport Touring

    main beams are now LED! awaiting arrival of cheap projectors, going to black plastidip the chrome bits on the dipped reflector and leave main beam alone.
  3. 2003 330D High Pressure Fuel Pump...

    you should probably start a new thread.
  4. Black 330d Sport Touring

    first problem with the led headlight bulb upgrade is the bulb holders are completely wrong. fortunately you can get adapters which click in to the lamp housing and allow the heat sink to pass out the back. the original holder remains in place tucked out of the way as the wire from the led bulb plugs in to the original holder. next problem is going to be the halogen reflector, I’ve read enough about it now to know that I’m going to need projectors for a legal beam pattern. I’ve found some, nice and cheap, but I’m worried about my ability to reverse the procedure. also im going to have to replace my yellow AE’s with white to tie it all together!
  5. Black 330Ci - Super Deluxe 'sleeper'

    no worries, thanks for the idea! after I tried 17 unsuccessfully and a bit of head scratching I googled GM5 pinouts and went off this:
  6. Black 330d Sport Touring

    ah I’m such an idiot! in my defence I was a bit tired when I wired the switch in, just realised I could have avoided putting a hole in my dash and just wired a switching relay up to the headlights! The“S” button on the stalk will now only activate the headlamp wash when the headlights are on, just need to find something else to run off the surplus dash switch now! probably an isolator for the rear screens so I can punish the kids for kicking the back of my chair!!!
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    This evening I have installed a wash stalk out of an E53 X5 with the additional S button wired up to the GM5 module (pin 12 of the 54pin plug) to activate the headlight wash. it’s not quite what I was expecting, I assumed a single press would activate the cycle. It’s not, it’s on for the duration you hold the button in. I wired in a kill switch as the circuit is constant live and my kids are challenging! I’m going to fix this in the near future with a switching relay on the accessory circuit. and bonus, I’ve now mastered disassembling bmw module plugs! think I’ll take on the power fold mirror retrofit next!
  8. Black 330Ci - Super Deluxe 'sleeper'

    it’s pin 12, at least on my 03 touring. great addition but my advice, if you’ve got kids put a isolation switch on it as it’s always live even ignition off keys out.
  9. New E46 Owner

    Yeah I do still have them, original Balasts and rings for over a year now. I got them on amazon, dead cheap. Just had a look and I can’t see any yellow CCFL’s on there at the moment. I remember the ones I bought had a colour option of white or gold. They do exist if you look hard enough. If you get a set I’d happily give you some wiring tips as the stuff you get in the box isn’t ideal.
  10. Black 330d Sport Touring

    yeah halogen reflectors at the moment, i’m not a fan of the quad look. I’m gonna be, if I do it, running H7 LED bulbs in projector housings which are rated for halogen bulbs. just after an angle or opinion on whether it’s gonna make the lights an MOT problem.
  11. New E46 Owner

    it’s worth investing in a OBD cable and inpa software package on eBay, much more detailed than a code reader, and only £20ish. which is nothing compared to BMW labour rate for diagnostics.
  12. Black 330d Sport Touring

    thanks momo, I’ve seen the diy’s I was wondering if anyone active on the zone had done it and could say whether it’s worth it. I don’t want to trash my halogens and end up with an expensive mot fail.
  13. Black 330d Sport Touring

    anyone retrofitted projectors into the halogen headlamp housings? thinking about going full retard on the lights
  14. Black 330d Sport Touring

    haha no “to take the heat sink of the led bulbs” they come with a plastic cap with an earth receiver and wire on it. I removed that and drilled a 16mm hole for the heat sink to poke through and sealed with silicone.
  15. Projector Foglights

    I got a set of these, they’re pretty good. better than the standard msport style. nice crisp beam cut off as they’ve got a shutter. I’ve coupled them with dual colour white or yellow led H3 bulbs. they needed modifying to take the larger bulbs. build quality is ok, I don’t know how weather tight they are as I’ve now drilled a 16mm hole in the back of each of them. Seeing as fog lights for the most part are turned off, the alternative look certainly adds something to the front end of the car. what it is I don’t know! they kind of remind me of those hit or miss morrete headlight conversions you’d see on saxo’s and 205’s in the 90’s. fortunately on the hit end of the scale rather than the miss. all in all I’d recommend them if you’re looking to replace your fogs anyway.