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  1. Yeah the insurance knock is just par for the course, I had to report it as the bus was covered in cameras. There was no chance of making a “gentleman’s agreement” at the roadside, we’ll see come the autumn!
  2. I’ll give em a ring and try and close it down, hopefully they’ll accept no fault both ways, there was zero financial impact on the bus company - closed no claims intact but now I have to say “I have been involved in an accident” thanks for your input gents
  3. so the bus company never accepted liability as far as I know and my insurance asked me to take it somewhere for appraisal which I never did and it’s all gone quiet since then. any of you regulars got any experience of what could happen next, I’m aware my premiums will probably take a knock, but obviously unless I claim it’s not actually a claim is it?
  4. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that if they paid for diagnostics they either paid for repairs or scrapped/sold the car and don’t post on here anymore, is your convertible roof broken?
  5. did you read the thread a few below yours bank 1&2 lean errors? it’s very similar to yours, I almost thought it was the same! basically my advise would be if the only thing that bothers you is an intermittent engine management light after a long journey in an almost 20 year old car and the rest of the year it’s completely fine just leave it alone, the fact it goes away means that it is getting itself back within parameters and no longer needs to show the driver a warning. you could spend some serious money fixing something which doesn’t really need fixing. oh and the radio is a common fault and not linked to the cruise control whatsoever.
  6. front splitter looks nice wheels are good and I like the matt black roof, I’m not a fan of the humongous wing but I think everything else balances it out, the car looks quite nice to me.
  7. does it ever work? when the interior gets really hot in the sun? the GM5 modules get faulty there is a lot of stuff you can search about that. it could be a fuse, it could be a short in the door loom, you need to make a decision on if you’re gonna dismantle it and find the fault or pay some one to do it really the only easy thing to check is the fuse. good luck
  8. somewhere between Birmingham and Bradford 🤣
  9. tax isn’t transferable anymore so SORN isn’t really relevant, no MoT will hurt your sale price big time as you are basically selling a scrap car as far as anyone else but you knows
  10. Not too sure what advice to give you, the burden of proof is on him. He should be able to tell you exactly what part he fitted and from that you will be able to see if it is compatible with your engine
  11. good luck, hope you get the car fixed cheap and you get your money back easily!
  12. New mechanic definitely, hard to swallow a £500 loss though. I’d be chasing that might be worth speaking to citizens advice beureau and going down the small claims route if they are being a holes about it.
  13. hahaha momo that’s harsh! I mean I don’t exactly love my N42 but it’s not wronged me either so I refuse to criticise them. I’d be amazed if it was the TBody, maybe he meant the valve tronic? that’s a bit fiddly
  14. sounds like you’ve been had there, bad idle and misfire could be a list of simple service things. if your car did have swirl flaps which it doesn’t the cost effective solution would be to delete them and not repair or replace anyway, which any decent mechanic would/should offer you as an option. the only thing I’d say in mitigation is he may have incorrectly named a different part as swirl flaps so find out what if anything he did before you start calling him out for fraud.
  15. personally I’d be looking at the large periods of trouble free use in between check engine lights as massive indicator that it’s not a huge problem. it may not be worth the cost finding out was is throwing the code if it is not actually causing a problem.
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