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  1. 316i coolant bleed. Is this supposed to happen?

    well if it’s taking 6L it’s going somewhere! just not all the way round to the bleed and back into the expansion tank. I’m sure you can find a diy for a coolant flush which will explain it better than I can. did you service the new engine? is the thermostat good? only way I know to test the rad is full is either pull the drain plug, or check it gets hot all over. probably don’t want to get it mega hot if you can’t circulate coolant though. i know it might sound silly but are all the hoses connected correctly now, none pinched or folded?
  2. 316i coolant bleed. Is this supposed to happen?

    did you back flush the cooling system with a garden hose? could be blocked somewhere following the HG failure? was the engine swap like for like? Is the radiator filling up? Does the heater matrix get warm? can you gauge how much is getting in the system before the expansion overflows? that’s where I’d be at if I was diagnosing it, hope it helps!
  3. E46 Vert - Newbie intro and few questions

    nice car! your fan power could be the final stage resistor so give that a google and compare symptoms. it’s not that hard a job just fiddly. only way to diagnose the window rattle is to whip the door cards off and see if anything is loose. make sure you can re-seal the vapour barrier if you remove it or you’ll get condensation and water issues. good luck with it, the “to do” list only ever seems to get longer on mine!
  4. yep all panels are the same and what’s even better is the switch panel will already be wired for 12v meaning you only have to run four wires from the panel, two for each side and then find a local earth point on each side.
  5. Epic E46 Picture Thread

    looking good!
  6. Android dash cam and reverse camera help

    have you got the reverse camera trigger on the correct wire on the stereo? and have you got the correct input for the video cable? are you sure the camera is getting power? cant help with the dash cam other than to say you get what you pay for, I’ve got a cheap one and it’s basically worthless.
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    just ghetto rolled my rear arches, that H&R cup kit is apparently lower than I thought, standard MV1’s on 255/35 rubber with a 12mm spacer rubbing like crazy on the stupid lip.
  8. Black 330d Sport Touring

    current mood its a LED “array” sidelight and full beam combination with a cut down shroud. no idea what MOT man is going to have to say about them!
  9. Black 330d Sport Touring

    have wired in the heated seats now, extra toasty on the school run! I’m dissatisfied with how the under seat looms look now that 3 interiors have been spliced together so I’m gonna go back in and sort it into one thick bundle popping neatly out of the carpet. also fired up NCSexpert and coded the TPMS system to operate and have run the wire from the DSC module to centre console. Tempted to let some air out of one and see if it works!!
  10. Decent bulbs

    i don’t think the wiring is rated for that kind of wattage, it might be fine but equally it might melt stuff if you leave them on for a bit.
  11. Black 330d Sport Touring

  12. Black 330d Sport Touring

    extended leather door cards are in, I’m running out of options to retrofit!!
  13. Black 330d Sport Touring

    I can’t not have the sports seats and I can’t not have the lumbar so I’ve destroyed the nappa front seats and cut my hands to ribbons but it’s in! door cards next!
  14. Black 330d Sport Touring

    picked up the nappa non-sport extended leather interior today and it’s in phenomenal condition. absolutely no holes anywhere and very few scuffs. I’m torn now as in my mind I was just going to strip the front seats for the lumbar and take the frames to the dump but they’re too good for that. the E53 interior is arriving on a pallet tomorrow so I’ll make my mind up when I see it I guess.
  15. Decent bulbs

    100% get new lenses