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  1. pretty sure that’s what mine sounds like if it’s any help to you and I have no concerns about the engine.
  2. imagine how clean and well maintained the rest of the car is if he’s only got the downforce left to worry about 🤣
  3. great news! sounds like a nice standard car you’ve got! definitely going to appreciate if you keep it in good condition!
  4. just to echo what has been said before the HK retrofit is not worth the effort. I’m half way through stripping it and I’m already fed up
  5. just in case no one else can help, might be worth finding an hour or so of day light to figure it out 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. fault finding rather than knowledge, I would swap parts from the good side over and see which bit is faulty that way.
  7. when my after market HIDs did this it was a faulty cable connector. could be worth checking they’re all nice and dry and clean before throwing parts at it. good luck!
  8. let’s just relax, it’s a funny looking spoiler with some interesting wheels. no one is stamping on you because you own a CS. It’s a strange question which was bound to attract opinion comments. Have you considered contacting BMW in Germany who may have some kind of technical data archives they can reference?
  9. ugly spoiler though think I’d prefer the lift 🤣
  10. dunno 🤷🏻‍♂️ thousands in labour if you pay someone else hundreds if you diy it. it’s a well documented swap so easily achievable for someone comfortable swinging on the spanners
  11. hardest part will be getting it high enough in the air to remove the box if you don’t have access to a proper lift.
  12. no worries I’ll figure it out, money is tight and I haven’t totally given up on finding the rest of the kit, too tight to buy it all over again 🤣
  13. if it’s a manual might as well do the clutch and flywheel, if it’s an auto good time to change it to a manual 🤣 also a good time to refresh gear linkages, centre support bearing and guibo, as well as gear box mounts.
  14. Got a broke tilt motor on my manual fold mirrors so need to replace it. Bit bored of the AC Schnitzer mirrors I have and don’t want to paint them again, and I have a pair of 12 pin powerfold memory mirrors. Unfortunately I’ve lost both the modules, the switch and the looms, I put together the whole retrofit kit and then decided on the ACS. Anyway, has anyone got any experience of after market fold modules? Temptingly cheap and seemingly easier to wire in. My main concern is being able to make the little button on the switch operate them the rest is taken care of by a 12v signal when you lock or unlock the car. The ‘innoparts SAM 1.0’ popular around 10 years ago is seemingly discontinued and impossible to find second hand so all that is on the market are these £10 chinese things. Ta
  15. hah!! I proudly stand by my problem solving skills! if that window ever breaks naturally though I’m obviously going to have to play dumb with the autoglass tech and say I bought it like that 🤣
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