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  1. before anyone hates on the discreet ///M badge, technically I’ve reduced the quota of ///M badges by 3 as all four wheel badges and the gear knob badge have gone 😂 litte helper is finally big enough to help now!
  2. it’s definitely the exhaust hangers, might as well fit my decat down pipe while I’m under there!
  3. they’re ok, they fit you don’t even notice them
  4. so obviously now I’ve got the ET38s on the rear it looks weird the fronts look crazy aggressive which is fine but the rears tuck in and it sits too low, I’m going to raise the ride height 10 or 15mm by means of spring pads and see what I can do with an arch roller. moral of the story is it’s easier to space out wheels than space them in!
  5. Nah I did consider it, I looked at a few but decided against it as being just another expense on top of the refurb and then the alignment it would add another £200 to wheels
  6. unfortunately the laws of physics puts the ET15 rear fitment in the too difficult basket. Static, they look incredible perfectly flush with the wheel arch. So tried the other one on the front pretty blinking wide!!! got the two fronts fitted now, and my old front tyres will go on the pair of ET38’s I have for the rear then I can play with spacers and arch rolling!
  7. nearly there wheel wise, just need to magicly make the rear arches accept an ET15 wheel
  8. 330d M57 runs like a swiss clock regardless of temperature
  9. Cheers kirky, I’ve got the new ball joints but I’m leaning towards the exhaust hangers and gear box mounts. They’ll both need changing anyway regardless of causing the knock or not. And the ball joints can sit in the shed. I know how to spanner but I can’t rule out incorrect installation of something so I’ve got a lot of work to be checking. It’s such an innocuous tap/knock that I’m now certain it’s not a critical failure. It’s also impossible to deliberately cause it, it seems to only happen when driving down normal roads with normal deviations at a normal speed.
  10. new ball joints and poly bushes on the way!
  11. Got a knock, a little tiny front end knock. Seems to occur when I go over little deviations which make the car shake rather than the suspension compress. My initial thought was that I hadn’t tightened the tie rod ball joints down but I checked and they are on pretty tight. It’s definitely not drive train related. I’ve replaced, engine mounts, front control arms and bushes, struts, droplinks, tie rods, arb bushes, steering coupler. Not all in one go, some last year, some this year, some last week. I’ve got the handling dialed in now and it is straight and true just how it would have been from the factory. Just trying to track this knock down. Any help?! The droplinks are adjustable and at minimum setting following fitment in what I would call a sub optimal work space, could the shallow angle be making the ARB foul on something?
  12. I don’t recognise it but you could try the exploded diagrams on realoem
  13. it’s only been 6 years! I’m sure he’ll remember!
  14. like this, exactly like this https://www.bmw-syndikat.de/bmwsyndikatfotos/topic11199_E46_320i_AC-Schnitzer_3er_BMW_-_E46.html
  15. ok it’s gotten out of hand again! just purchased in no particular order ACS mirrors, ACS boot spoiler, M3 rep front bumper and am in talks with a body shop about paint correction 🙈 the wife’s gonna kill me 😂
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