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  1. 2003 330d OBD

    Hello my 330d M57 predates diesels needing to have a universal OBD protocol. I can read and interact with INPA etc but I can’t get live parameters for use with Carly or general OBD readers. Is there a work around for this or a DME update? Or am I stuck with what I’ve got? Thanks.
  2. E46 330i Touring

    very nice, was this on auto trader a little while ago?
  3. Black 330d Sport Touring

    I wouldn’t say the fitment was perfect but you can’t tell really unless you get your face up close and look directly at it. Great opportunity to flash the high beams in the wife’s face!
  4. Reverse parking sensors - not working

    have you run a diagnostic check yet? I know some of the available software will allow you to run a real time test of the system showing the values the sensors are detecting.
  5. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Pretty sure it was these I bought, nice colour goes great with the halogens.
  6. Chrome Paint.. Yeah

    just in case anyone is interested I binned the idea of painting a mirror finish and have gone down the traditional wet sanding polish route with great results.
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    finished the wife’s first wheel decided to polish the lip in the end, extremely labour intensive and not that satisfying due to the badge in the middle. only 3 more to go!
  8. Noise under acceleration. Video inside

    easy job for a garage assuming it’s the bits mentioned above, so should be reasonable labour costs. the real challenge is doing it on your drive with less than an inch between your nose and the floor of the car!
  9. Black 330d Sport Touring

    refurbed the glove box torch much to the wife’s dismay, I’d put a led bulb in it a while ago but the old battery was toast, a few google searches and a few more ebay searches and I’d bought a brand new varta 250H which is a like for like replacement. Slight bit of modifying of the solder contacts, and all is bright in the world again!
  10. Coolant Bleeding

    the level sensor is dry it fits into a recess on the outside of the bottle and reads a magnetic signal from the float in the bottle. They are a bit fragile and people seem to have problems when mixing aftermarket parts. I don’t know of a way to specifically bleed the radiator but I’d be checking the sensor first and then go from there if there is no loss of coolant.
  11. Worrying knock from front!

    just a thought but years and years ago my best friend was getting a knock from the front of his classic mini, not uncommon but checked the usual culprits. Kept getting worse and worse until a 13x7 minilite came flying off on a roundabout and wrote the car off! maybe check the wheels are secure?
  12. I'm back with another E46

    very nice, my neighbour has one just like that in 330i flavour. I try not to look at it too longingly as I’m loading the three kids and dog and wife into my touring.
  13. Chrome Paint.. Yeah

    Ok so I’m gonna experiment with some “mirror finish” chrome paint on the rim of some splits. I can’t polish them due to the amount of filler I’ve put on them. I’m reading about lot of people having bad experiences with lacquering this stuff, and without lacquer it getting dull and tarnished after any length of time in an exterior application. My question is would a sealant like poorboys provide some kind of temporary seal against this degradation in the same way it would protect a polished rim? Any thoughts or insights appreciated, if no one comes up for it I’ll put my findings up with pics! Cheers.
  14. Black 330d Sport Touring

    I’m waiting on some E46 parts to come in the post and need to keep Mrs Incredirog on side with all this car stuff so I’m ghetto refurbing a set of oem VW BBS RXII’s to stick on the family bus, 2007 Touran. Unfortunately it’s got me thinking about lows and body kits... Also it’s a good test run to see how well plastidipping works with a view to tidying up my MV1’s on the cheap. Oh and they’re 16” wheels, gonna paint and lacquer the rims as they are beyond polishing had to put too much filler in. nearly finished the prototype, need to clean up the bolts, get the colour combo signed off, plastidip do metalizers so they may be going anthracite and flat and lacquer the rim, then she’s got to decide between bbs centre caps or vw.
  15. Worrying knock from front!

    did they definitely check your propshaft? it’s quite far up and really needs the exhaust to be dropped to inspect